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Protect your account from Hacker attacks

The IG loved by many users is that social network that many people love and loves to share good and happy moments there?? However, what used to be a beautiful network of contacts, entertainment and sharing, has become a huge nightmare due to Instagram scams, which are computed daily, since social media began to have a large number of users and aimed at growth and popularity.

To stay tuned and understand more “in detail” how to protect data and attacks?? Keep reading!

Learn how to avoid scams on instagram. Illustrative image, reproduction: Google

Learn tips on how to protect your personal account and avoid instagram scams, in addition to virtual crimes

With the large user audience of Instagram, stores and sellers, and new application technologies, Instagram scams have become increasingly commonplace.

And to help you avoid all different types of scams in this appwe created a mini manual with important tips to avoid having your account blocked and even hacked there. Follow:

1. Always check your login activity

as a rule when a new device logs in using your data such as email, password, Instagram saves this important data as well as the user’s location and notifies you. This strategy is paramount for security, in addition to any undue access, the user is also notified via personal email (therefore it is always essential to check their e-mails, in order to verify undue access).

So the tip is to be aware of any undue movement, check your email box, notifications and don’t let anything “Skip”, and if you see any undue access, change your password immediately.

The option to remove any user who is in real time trying to break into your account, and to, remove it do the following step by step:

  1. Access Instagram normally;
  2. In the lower right corner, tap your profile photo;
  3. On the three dotted lines in the upper right corner, tap menu;
  4. Access the settings;
  5. Click on security;
  6. Click Login Activity;
  7. If you find an improper user there, tap the three dotted lines and click exit.

This way you guarantee user elimination without “too much” complications within the app.

2. Always create a high security password

Always choose to put a password on your very complicated instagram and safely “green” high, to avoid any possibility of hacker gaining access or unexpected invasion.

This trick is still important for all your networks, social media and even card, bank and application passwords, passwords with a high difficulty index are proven to be difficult to access and are responsible for avoiding in 70% scams on instagram and even other networks??

Therefore, the infallible tip is to choose an elaborate password to put on your networks and keep the account hyper protected;

The password must generally contain up to 8 characters and have numbers, periods and a strategy that mixes elements in order to become more inaccessible and complex, capable of only the user himself having access.

For more top tips on how to create secure passwords for networks, check out these tips from google support.

3. Watch out for suspicious emails

The growth of e-mails with malware and viruses to steal passwords, bank accounts, application passwords and credit cards, are common scams that even occur with Internet users. Whatsappfor example.

However, Instagram scams can also be done via email, many times emails are sent pretending to be Instagram support that “require” your password, personal account information for example, in order to gain access and “steal” data and your profile.

So be aware if you receive messages like this, even more so if you are a public person with a lot of followers or have a profitable work profile on Instagram, for example.

In addition to scams that send links to click on the name of Instagram and change passwords, all this usually by convincing emails, requiring an email change, however, “never” click on suspicious links and always be suspicious of the emailany questions, contact Instagram yourself and confirm with support if there is something wrong with the account, always check everything, avoid strikes.

To contain such problems, it is also important to remember that there is an official Instagram area in the application itself, dedicated to emails. Accessing it is simple:

  • Go to Instagram;
  • Click on the profile photo;
  • Click on the three dotted lines in the lower right corner;
  • Click on the settings;
  • click in safety;
  • click in Instagram emails;

Note: There you can actually find emails referring to your Instagram, important app notifications, and any problem can be resolved and checked right there;

4. Do two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a great suggestion to use even in your accounts. Googleemail, and it is still valid to prevent hacking and easy access to user accounts.

The function is like this: When an individual, including yourself, decides to log into your account through other devices “different” from the commonly used one, Instagram will send a

code via smsthis code validates and protects access to the account.

Making access more complicated for a hacker, as the notification goes to your already registered mobile number.

This way, you can check if someone is trying to hack your account, and of course avoid scams on Instagram!

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