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Proof of vaccination will be required at parties and events

The decrease in hospitalizations due to Covid-19 was responsible for the progress in holding parties and events. Aiming at the end of the year festivities, the Federal Government created the Vaccine Passport.

The document issued by SUS indicates whether or not the participant took the vaccine doses. Thus being able to enter the events in a safer way. It is worth noting that even with two doses, the person may be contaminated by the virus, so the test is still accurate.

What this article covers:

What is the vaccine passport about?

The passport or proof of vaccination is a document issued by the SUS?? This document records that the person has taken the vaccine against the coronavirus, whether it is the first or second dose.

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Now, the citizen who has the voucher in hand will be able to enter parties and events held this year without any problems. Festivities will be held again due to the considerable decrease in hospitalizations caused by the virus.

How to get yours?

All those who have completed their vaccination against Covid-19 can issue their proof of vaccination. To carry out this process it is necessary to follow the steps:

  • Download the ”Conecte SUS” App on your cell phone;
  • Log in through your single access account;
  • Go to the Digital Vaccination Card tab that includes the Vaccines icon;
  • Open the dose breakdown;
  • Select ”Vaccination Certificate” under ”Certificate Issue”.

This voucher presents many of the personal and registration data of each citizen, it also has information about the doses of vaccines taken, such as the day of application, responsible institution, name of the vaccine, batch and importation.

Who is responsible for issuing?

The passport must be obtained through Connect SUS, accessing the Digital Vaccination Card area. Conecta SUS participates in a system where information related to the Ministry of Health is included.

Which states already require it?

Currently, the states that have already required this documentation are Rio Grande do Sul, Amazonas, Pará, Pernambuco and Espírito Santo. In Santa Catarina, the valid passport type is only for events and replaces the RT-PCR test.

In the state of São Paulo, the state government allowed each municipality to make its own decisions regarding the vaccination passport. Since August 29 of this year, proof of vaccination is required at events with more than 500 participants.

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