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Promise of Club América accused of sexual harassment by a girl on TikTok: Mozumbito Martínez and the Águilas remain silent

Román ‘Mozumbito’ Martínez, player of the basic forces of Club América.

Photo: Alejandro Gutierrez / Imago7

The waters are cloudy within the America club as an institution due to extra-sporting events. To the denunciation of its star of the women’s team, Scarlett Camberos, of a persecution of an anonymous man, is joined by another accusation but against one of the pieces in basic forces.

And it is that Román ‘Mozumbito’ Martínez was accused of sexually harassing a girlwho made the alleged crime visible through the social network TikTok.

Under the name of Isabella Gutierrez, this girl briefly explained that she was “touched” by the Americanist pearl: “Because if I had to bear knowing that you touched me while I was asleep, it’s your turn to bear being seen for what you are”.

The video, which is on its way to 190K views, was filled with comments of solidarity with the girl, who published the audiovisual on Wednesday, March 8, just as International Women’s Day was commemorated.

Even Mozumbito Martínez, who this season has not been taken into account in the first team, has not expressed himself in this regard, has not expressed himself in this regard.

But on the other hand, within Club América they are already making inquiries about the alleged fact (depending on the medium This), without generating alarms since the woman in the video has so far not made a formal complaint before the Mexican Justice.

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