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Progressive Brush Approved by Anvisa

The Progressive Brush is one of the most popular methods for those who want to keep their hair completely smooth. However, is it really worth the procedure? Are there advantages or just disadvantages of using this type of chemistry? Let’s find out this information. See below!

What this article covers:

How does the progressive brush work?

Did you know that the Progressive Brush modifies the structure of the yarn’s chemistry? There will be alterations in the cuticles and in the cortex, located in the inner part of the hair. This happens because there is a change in keratin, present precisely in the hair cortex region.

We must not forget that a Progressive Brush heats the hair during the process, and this sensation will guarantee the creation of a plastic film, responsible for protecting the strands. Do you know when water falls and wets the locks, but they remain the same? It is precisely what this chemistry promotes in the hair.

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This procedure is caused by the famous formaldehyde which, even though it is not recommended for absolutely anyone, remains to be included in the components of progressives. Of course, nowadays, there are different products made in a more natural way, without this harsh chemical compound, which is not good for the body.

Anvisa requires that the Progressive Brush with the glyoxylic acid is not below 2.0 on the pH chart. Otherwise, this could cause severe damage to the scalp of the customer who purchased the product. This acid is very strong, needs to be sold with complete safety, and if you don’t see this specification on the label, choose another brand.

Of course, the manufacturers in charge of producing the Progressive Brush require a pH of 1.0, because it presents much more expressive results in the process of altering the threads. The malleability of the strands is notorious and even combing the locks becomes easier than when the treatment is done with pH 2.0 products.

What are the benefits of progressive brush?

If you want to do a Progressive Brush, but don’t know what the benefits are, stay with us and we’ll explain everything you need to know. This will help you decide whether or not it’s worth carrying out the procedure on the wires.

It is very common for people who use the Progressive Brush to make their daily lives easier. The practicality of combing the strands, arranging them to go out, and the lack of need to use a flat iron or brush, which takes time and effort, are the reasons that most attract people to request this technique in beauty salons. See the advantages:

frizz control

If you have curly or wavy hair, you must have a lot of problems with the little frizzy strands around your hair, right? The Progressive Brush will make this annoying frizz disappear along with the volume.

If you are the type of person who has a lot of capillary volume, know that the Progressive Brush is perfect to help you control the volume and keep the strands relaxed. The highlights line up, it’s easier to care for and you avoid the difficulties of fixing it on a daily basis.

The Progressive Brush lasts up to 3 months

It’s very common that in everyday life you have several tasks, and you don’t have free time to keep your curls tidy as you’d like, right? The Progressive Brush is so practical that for three months you will stop worrying about tidying up. Everything is more practical and simpler to take care of, precisely because the hair is already straight.

Say goodbye to curling irons and blow dryers that damage your hair. This duo, as much as they are really useful, tend to make you waste up to 40 minutes or more just to give your hair a treatment.

Progressive gives shine and softness

From the moment your cuticle is sealed, your hair will have a shine and softness that you didn’t know until then. This brings a feeling of daily hydrated hair, in addition to looking like your hair is naturally smooth and shiny that way.

What are the disadvantages of the progressive brush?

Of course, the Progressive Brush has its advantages, but on the other hand, there are many disadvantages. Usually, you never think about the other part of the scale, but it is very important to be careful in order to avoid problems with the health of the hair.

What are the disadvantages of progressive brush
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If you’re not sure you want to have the procedure, we’ll talk about the disadvantages of it now, so you can weigh the pros and cons. Think about it, and find out if it’s worth it or not. See now the problems caused in the structure of the wires by this product:

hair without elasticity

The practicality that the Progressive Brush generates on a daily basis makes people forget about its harms. If you had excellent elasticity before doing the procedure, know that after applying the chemical to the threads, you will lose the natural elasticity that existed.

wire drying

This is an extremely unpleasant problem for many women. No one likes to have dry hair, as it starts to become difficult to comb, especially at the ends, which lose the beauty it had before. The ends become brittle and extremely thin, which can force you to cut your hair.

very fragile wires

If you’ve had problems before with hair breakage due to dyes and discolorations, know that with the Progressive Brush it won’t be any different. In fact, this situation tends to get worse as you continue to do the chemical treatment.

Oiliness in the hair

If you’ve never had a problem with oiliness in your hair, with the Progressive Brush it’s very likely that you will start to have it. This is a complicated problem to deal with, because it requires specific shampoos, which, even if indicated for the problem in question, may not be able to fully treat the problem, precisely because there is a protective film around your hair.

How should I take care of my hair after doing a progressive brush?

If you want to do the Progressive Brush, know that the procedure requires different care to keep it up to date until the renewal day arrives. If you don’t know what they are, we’ll explain what you should do to increase the lifespan of the procedure and take care of your hair.

Avoid frequently washing your hair

One of the main tips after doing the Progressive Brush is to avoid washing your hair regularly. In fact, it is essential to leave the hair very clean, but it is precisely this type of washing that will shorten the useful life of the straightener.

Deep hydration: avoid

Both shampoos and deep hydration products tend to reduce the smoothing effect. There will be the removal of chemicals present in progressive compounds and certainly you don’t want that situation to happen.

Do not dye your hair after doing Progressive

We know that when we dye our hair, the chemistry of the product is so strong that it tends to dry out the hair, right? You can use the most expensive brand of hair dye on the market, but the effect will be dry if you don’t take care of it.

You must nourish your hair before thinking about having a progressive. If you want to paint right after making your Progressive Brush, know that it is highly recommended to wait a few weeks. It is not indicated to paint the wires immediately, as they are extremely fragile due to the procedure and may break or have a chemical cut.

Never sleep with wet hair

This is one of the most known problems for those who wash their hair at night, and have to dry it with a hairdryer. Avoid going to bed with completely wet hair, as it is not good for those who have progressive treatment. The threads tend to be completely elastic and there is a possibility of fungal proliferation on the scalp due to constant humidity.

In short, making a progressive brush is not exactly a problem, as long as pre- and post-procedure care is taken in order to maintain the health of the hair and avoid problems.

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