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Prisoners at the Fort 2023 – Here are all the participants

The prisoners at the fort are back and this year’s participants have already stirred strong emotions. The program is led this year by veterans Agneta Sjödin and Gunde Svan, and the mysterious riddle solver Captain Kaboom is played by Peter Stormare. Check out all of this year’s participants below!

Photo: TV4

This year’s season of the popular competition program “Prisoners at the Fort” features participants such as Hollywood actress Maria Montazami, TV profile Kristin Kaspersen and influencer Margaux Dietz. The latter attracted strong criticism when she published a video in November in which she made content of a knocked-out man who had fallen asleep outside her front door. Below we list all participants in this year’s season of the competition program.

Participants Prisoners at the Fort January 2023

Saturday 7 January 2023
Anis Don Demina, Behrouz “Berra” Badreh, Linda Pira
Margaux Dietz, Anders Södergren, Daniel Paris

Saturday 14 January 2023
Viktor Frisk, Andreas Gran, Kristin Kaspersen
Joakim Lundell, Jonna Lundell, Jens Byggmark

Saturday 21 January 2023
Maria Montazami, Marcus Noterius, Louise Nordahl
Thomas Wassberg, Bingo Rimér, Julia Franzén

Saturday 28 January 2023
Lotta Engberg, Sebastian Tadros, Casper Janebrink
Mikael Sandström, Theodor “Theoz” Haraldsson, Tone Sekelius

When does Prisoners at the Fort 2023 premiere?

Fångarna på Fortet 2023 premieres January 7 at 8 p.m. on TV4. You can also watch TV4 Play for free.

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