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Princess Tea Party: how to decorate

The princess shower party for children is among the current fashion trends. The idea is to create a dream afternoon just for the girls, with special tableware for afternoon tea and to make the party even more beautiful, use costumes and tell stories. Learn more about it and see how to decorate princess tea party🇧🇷

Use flowers in decoration. (Photo: publicity)

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princess tea party

Out of fairy tales, the princess tea party is one of the most popular themes for all girls for a day full of magic and charm. Inspiration can help get all the girlfriends together to serve tea. The party is suitable for girls from 3 to 7 years old.

Every girl has ever dreamed of being beautiful. Both indoors and outdoors to celebrate the arrival of spring, there is no shortage of ideas to throw a beautiful and fun princess shower party. As we are only talking about girls, there is also a lot of elegance that will delight all little princesses.

Bet on princess tea decor. (Photo: publicity)

How to decorate the princess tea party

1. Princesses’ table: girls should stay at their own tables, cutlery, mini porcelain cups princess decor. Plates and cups can be purchased from any wholesaler. The effect is very beautiful and alongside these treats you can place princess crowns, blinker sticks, glasses and glass slippers. Napkin holders are made of paper and can be made at home.

2. Table decoration: tables can be decorated with flowers, table confetti with birthday motifs and paper princesses.

3. Games: the hall can be decorated with the birthday girl’s toys, book house and many costumes for the girls.

4. Souvenirs: they can be plastic cups with lots of gifts like the princesses’ lantern, jewelry, hair ornaments and other accessories. Bet on the princess coloring books and the personalized gingerbread. The lollipops can be decorated with flowers and the initial of the birthday girl’s name.

princess tea party decor pictures

THE princess party decor is always among the fashion trends. However, like all princesses, the little ones can also opt for the modern and elegant princess shower. Several styles of decoration can be created at this party, giving a lot of beauty and elegance to the look of the festivity.

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