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Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill are moving home to Sweden – selling the villa in Florida

Now the court reveals that Princess Madeleine and her family are moving home to Sweden this summer, just in time for schools to start in August. This is because Madeleine and Chris wish to give their children a Swedish upbringing.

Photo: Instagram @princess_madeleine_of_sweden

According to the court, the family will move into their apartment at the court stables in Stockholm. The idea is that Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas will start Swedish school in the fall and Princess Adrienne in preschool. “Princess Madeleine and Mr. Chris O’Neill have decided that together with their three children they will move home to Sweden. They will settle in the floor that the princess used to live in before, which is located in the court stables,” says the Court’s information manager Margareta Thorgren to The evening paper. “They are keen that the children have a Swedish upbringing right now,” she says.

Selling villa for 80 million

The villa in Florida has also been put up for sale for around SEK 80 million. There, the family has shared seven bedrooms, a large garden with a heated saltwater pool and terraces. Now the warm climate is exchanged for the apartment at Östermalm. However, the family will not have to squeeze into the state-of-the-art five-room apartment that was renovated in 2014. In the future, it will not only be during the holidays that the princess family spends time in Stockholm, it remains to be seen whether they will also take up more royal tasks in the future!

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