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Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ goes on sale

Prince Harry has spent years in the eye of the hurricane for his positions against the British royal family.

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After several weeks of waiting and much controversy Prince Henry’s memoir is finally on sale. In this editorial proposal, Meghan Markle’s husband shares stories considered explosive about the British royal family.

‘Spare’ title of the publication has caused quite a stir before it was made available to the public, as Lady Diana’s son gave some sneak peeks of its content, something that he was not well received by his family or by the British tabloid press.

According to an AFP report, the arrival of the memoirs in the main stores in the United Kingdom caused an outcry among the public, since the first copies were sold shortly after midnight in some bookstores, which only opened for the launch. .

Several Britons went to the stores early to buy at least one copy, which is why, in some cases, there were long lines despite the cold that this area of ​​the planet is going through. The impact of the publication at a global level has been so great that it is translated into 15 languages.

The version of ‘Spare’ in Spanish has caused a great impact, since it went on sale in advance in Spain, so the content began to circulate globally. This has had an impact on the royal family being clear about exactly what Prince Harry wrote and the impact of him.

The deep divisions in the Royal Family are exposed in the book, which has plunged the historic institution into a deep crisis, just four months after the death of Elizabeth II. Prince William, heir to the throne, has been one of the most criticized in the text.

The book also talks about his father King Carlos III, who is also not spared from accusations. The British press has described the publication of the memoirs as explosive. For now, The royal family has not responded to what has been stated in ‘Spare’.

According to the ‘Sunday Times’ newspaper, people close to Prince William told this media outlet that after the remarks that Harry made to him, he is extremely “sad” and angry, but despite what was said in the publication, “He will remain silent for the good of his family and the country”.

Despite the fact that the intention of the Duke of Sussex to try to improve his public image, from the publication of this content, was what led him to share his story, but it was not like that, since, according to a survey of YouGov, 64% of the British have a negative image of the youngest son of King Charles III.

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