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Prince Harry: ‘I want a family – not an institution’

Ahead of the release of his memoirs, Prince Harry has given two new interviews where he discusses his family. “They have shown no desire whatsoever to reconcile,” he says in an interview with the television channel ITV.

Photo: CBS 60 minutes

In 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the UK and their duties for the British royal house, a move that came to be known as “Megxit” in the British media. Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a Netflix documentary about the turbulent time, and soon Prince Harry’s memoirs will also be published: the book Save.

Will not be returning

For what is to come the book release Prince Harry has lined up for two interviews, one with the British television channel ITV and one in the American program 60 Minutes on CBS News.

Photo: CBS 60 minutes

The interview in 60 Minutes will be released on Sunday, January 8. In a clip posted on the show’s Twitter account, Prince Harry is asked if he can ever see himself returning to his former position in the British royal household – to which he immediately says no.

Wants his father back

ITV has also published a short clip from its interview with Prince Harry. In the clip, Prince Harry says, among other things, that he “wants a family, not an institution”, and that he wants his father and brother back. At the same time he says:

“They haven’t shown any sign of reconciling”.

Save will be released on January 10. According to publisher Randomhouse, the book illustrates “a remarkably moving personal journey from trauma to healing”. They have also described the book as “raw, unflinching” and “full of insight, revelation, introspection, and wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief.”

Source: People

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