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Prince Harry had an affair with a Royal Housewive 13 years older

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

Photo: Matt Dunham. /Getty Images

The england royalty trembles and sounds everywhere and everything indicates that the scandals are just beginning to add up, just at the premiere of the documentary Meghan Markle’s life in the Monarchy and her controversial entry into the royal family, which is already on Netflix and is called harry and meghan. Now the star ofThe Real Housewives of Washington, D.C.“, Catherine Ommaneyhas come out to say that a few years ago he had an affair with Lady Di’s youngest son.

13 years have passed. Though now she’s 51 by then Ommanney was 34 and Prince Harry just 21. They met through mutual friends in a London bar. They started playing and, between one thing and another, she said goodbye to her because she had to go home and he literally put her against the wall and kissed her. the star of The Real Housewives defines the son of King Carlos III and Diana Wales as a passionate, funny, charismatic and affectionate man.

He also said that he was very happy that Prince Harry would have come to live in the United States and that he is married to a woman like Meghan Markle. She assures that they look happy and that makes her happy too. Catherine Ommaney He said they were not in a relationship. By then he would finish and come back with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

the star of reality show on Bravo TV He says that their meetings were intermittent for a while, that one day the news slipped into the press and that he never heard from him again. prince harry. Years later they met at a Polo event, but only that. More than a decade has passed since then. The fact is that this was well hidden for a while.

Harry and Meghan, the Netflix documentary

It has already been released by the most important distribution platform Netflix. They affirm that: “Nobody knows what happened to us, we do.” And they will count the same. Rather, they already told but they are making it public. According to experts in royalty and media specialists in the source such as Hola, The Sun and several other Europeans, the british crown is shaking and they think that this can be considered a real war between the British Monarchy and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Racism, depression, little help and support, a lot of media pressure are part of the details that few know but that, in the voice of the Dukes of Sussexthey will be made public. Though Lady Di gave a revealing interview about the “horrors” he experienced inside the Buckingham Palaceand during her marriage to who is now the King Charles III of Englandnothing seems to be compared to what they will air meghan and harry.

Yet the Queen isabel IIwho in theory was the eternal protector of the decisions of the prince harry, passed away. So perhaps this is the moment that Harry has supposedly waited so long to vindicate what many biographers have classified as: the emotional decline and the breakdown of the Queen of Hearts, Lady Di.

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