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Prince Harry could lose a Green Card or another visa to stay in the United States

Prince Harry’s autobiography “Spare” will be released on January 9 in London.

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Prince Harry risks losing the opportunity to obtain a Green Card or another type of visabecause he confessed to having used drugs, one of the main reasons why an immigrant is rejected in his application for protection of stay in the United States.

This is stated by lawyers consulted by the Daily Mail, after Harry’s revelations in his recently published biography, where there is no clarity as to whether the son of King Carlos III disclosed drug use to Citizenship and Immigration Services authorities (USCIS).

The report notes that in his biography, “Spare,” Harry revealed that he first used cocaine one weekend when he was 17, but then “did a few more lines” on other occasions.

The Megan Markle’s husband he also admitted to using hallucinogens and marijuana in California.

“[En el proceso migratorio] they would have asked [sobre el consumo de drogas]. If he was sincere in his answers, he should have been denied [una visa]”, considered Professor Alberto Benítez, director of the Immigration Clinic at George Washington University.

The report adds that while most applicants with a history of drug use would be denied U.S. visas, decisions by immigration officers are made on a “case-by-case” basis and there is broad discretion.

The report acknowledges that there is no confirmation on the type of visa Prince Harry would have, but it could be the Green Card by marriage or the O-1 visawhich is granted to people with “extraordinary abilities”, taking into consideration their family history.

In case of having the O-1 visa, Prince Harry would have to renew it this year, The Thelegraph is quoted as adding.

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