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Prince Harry Claims He Tried Courtney Cox’s Magic Mushrooms – Now She Responds

In his memoirs, Prince Harry says he once tried magic mushrooms at Courtney Cox’s house. Now commenting Friends– the star’s statements in an interview with Variety.

Photo: Instagram @courtneycoxofficial

Prince Harry’s memoirs have attracted attention for several reasons – in the book he tells, among other things, how many Taliban he killed during his military service in Afghanistan, and that as a teenager he lost his virginity behind a pub.

Courtney Cox on Prince Harry: “Very nice”

Another of the stories is about a party that took place at Courtney Cox’s house.

According to the memoirs, Prince Harry was at a party at Friends– the actress when he and a friend found magic mushrooms in the kitchen. They decided to try the mushrooms, which ended with the prince realizing that a garbage can was a face that he “fed” an empty cigarette pack.

In an interview with Variety confirms Cox that Prince Harry has been at her house:

“He was here for a few days – probably two or three,” she says. “He is a very nice person.”

However, she does not admit that the prince would have tried magic mushrooms with her:

“I haven’t read the book. I want to hear the story, because I’ve heard it’s very entertaining. But yes, I have heard of it. I’m not saying we had mushrooms! I definitely did not hand them out.”

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