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Prince Harry calls Camilla “dangerous” in new interview

In an interview with CBS before the launch of the book Save Prince Harry calls his stepmother Camilla “dangerous” because of her connections in the British media. “There was an open willingness on both sides to exchange information,” he says in a clip published by BBC.

Photo: CBS 60 Minutes

On Tuesday, January 10, Prince Harry’s memoirs will be released Savea book which, according to publisher Randomhouse, illustrates “a remarkably moving personal journey from trauma to healing”.

Photo: CBS 60 Minutes

“Had a need to change its image”

Before the launch, the prince has agreed to two interviews, one of which is for American CBS News in the program 60 Minutes. In a clip from the interview, journalist Anderson Cooper reads a quote from the book in which Harry describes his stepmother Camilla – who has now been given the title Queen’s consort – as “dangerous”. When asked what he means by this, Harry replies:

“Because of her need to remake her image. It made her dangerous because of the contacts she made in the British media. There was an open willingness on both sides to exchange information.”

He continues:

“With a family built on hierarchies and her about to become queen consort, it was inevitable that some would suffer.”

Lost my virginity behind a pub

After Save accidentally leaked in Spain last week, several intimate details from the memoir have already been rewritten in the media – and Prince Harry’s attitude towards the current queen consort is just one of the revelations made in the book.

Among other things, the Duke of Sussex writes that he killed 25 Taliban during his military service in Afghanistan, and that he tried cocaine as a teenager. He also tells how it happened when he lost his virginity at the age of seventeen.

The prince recounts that the “humiliating” experience took place in a field with an “elderly woman” who “treated him like a stallion”:

“I mounted her quickly and afterwards she slapped me on the ass and sent me away,” he writes according to Daily Mail.

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