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Prince Harry: 10 Shocking Revelations He Shared In His Book ‘Spare’

The controversy surrounds the British royal family after the publication of this book

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The British royal family It seems that it does not come out of a controversy when it is already involved in another: now they are back in the news after the shocking revelations made by the prince harry in his recent autobiographical book entitled “En la sombra.

On January 10, this book began to be available to the general public after several days with some leaks.

This text of Harry’s autobiography was translated into more than 15 languages, for what was a simultaneous release on the Spanish and Mexican bestseller lists.

The audiobook version, in English, is read by Harry himself.

A few who had access to the text were able to leak some revelations, such as the reaction of his father, King Carlos III, when Harry was born, his majesty would have commented:

“Marvelous! Now you have given me an heir and a spare,” he told the late Princess Diana, who was his first wife.

Some passages of Harry involved in the world of drugs, and other details of when he had his first sexual encounter were also revealed.

His performance when he served in the army against the Taliban is part of what is revealed.

In short, there is a lot of cloth to cut from this book and here we leave you with other shocking revelations that Harry shared in his book.

fight between brothers

Harry revealed that in 2019 William wanted to talk to him about “all this repeated catastrophe”, alluding to his relationship and episodes with the media.

William himself arrived at the house of Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, in a “very upset” way, as he describes.

He called Markle “difficult, rude and unpleasant.” Harry accused him of “parroting the press narrative”. As the conversation escalated, William would have jumped on him to hit him.

“He took me by the neck, broke my necklace, and threw me to the ground. When I recovered I got up and told him to go away, ”she revealed.

Revelation about Meghan

It draws attention when Harry revealed to his brother William and his wife Kate Middleton that he was attracted to Meghan Markle.

He was disappointed in the mocking tone with which they took the revelation to his older brother.

relationship between princesses

Taking the previous point into account, if that’s how things started, it’s prudent to think that Kate and Meghan didn’t have the best relationship. Harry describes very well what coexistence was like.

“American actress”

Following the same line, Harry reveals that one of his dreams was to be able to establish a complicit relationship between both partners (his and his brother’s).

That the four of them could form an indestructible block. It couldn’t and Harry reveals that William once said something referring to Megha. “Calm down a bit Harold, she’s an American actress. She can go through anything”.

William’s beard and hair

“At some point he actually ordered me, like the heir speaking to the spare, to shave,” Harry said, alluding to a comment William made before his brother’s wedding to Marle.

death of his mother

It was to be expected that the death of Princess Diana would have been one of the most central and emotional themes of her autobiography.

He revealed how the exact moment was when he found out about his mother’s car accident and how his father dealt with the whole situation.

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