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Preview Google search results in Google Chrome

Google Results Previewer is a new browser extension for Google Chrome to preview search results directly in Google Search.

Google Search lists the page titles, URL, and some descriptive words for each text-based result in the search results.

Search result previews in Google Search is not a new concept; User scripts and also extensions offered that functionality for years, but most of them don’t work anymore nowadays.

We reviewed Google Preview for Firefox in 2009 and Results Preview for Firefox in 2015, which added small thumbnails to Google Search, and Google experimented with a feature in 2010 called Instant Previews.

Google Results Preview

google chrome google results preview

Google search preview requires access to read and change data on websites; It only works on google.com and not on Google local domains.

Advice: You can limit Chrome extension access by allowing it to run only on user activation.

The extension displays a preview of a linked resource when you hover over a result while in Google Search.

The result is loaded into an overlay on the same tab. All the correct content, styling and layout, loads into the preview area, but JavaScript (and maybe other features) is disabled.

Content previews work for search results and Google News results, but not for images, videos, or sitelink results. Site limitations apply; If a site uses a paywall, you will receive the paywall message just as you would if you visited it directly.

The preview is displayed in the right corner of the browser tab by default. You can move your mouse cursor to the preview area to expand it, or click anywhere outside of it to close the preview.

The extension does not display previews correctly for some sites; you may get a blank preview or experience other problems when previewing certain sites.

closing words

Google Search Previewer is a useful extension for Chrome users who use Google Search as their main search engine. The extension should also work in Chromium-based browsers like Vivaldi or Opera.

It is a useful extension for research or troubleshooting, e.g. Eg when you need to find an answer quickly, as you can check multiple results without leaving the search tab.

The developer should consider adding Google local domains to the list of supported search engines and maybe also expanding it to support other search engines on top of that.

Now you: What is your favorite search engine and why?

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