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“Prevention is crucial to mitigate the global increase in ransomware attacks,” says executive

At a press conference held on Thursday (26), Check Point Software presented important data and considerations about the increase in ransomware attacks in the world. The global specialist in digital cybersecurity also showed how to mitigate this problem, with prevention as the key, in addition to introducing its new country manager for Brazil, Eduardo Gonçalves.

Their information suggests that the level of sophistication of Generation 5 (Gen V) threats continues to increase. This encompasses supply chain attacks, ransomware threats that can bring down a small business, an entire hospital, and even a country’s infrastructure, bringing even more challenges to organizations.


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14% increase in ransomware attacks

Check Point highlights the 14% year-over-year growth in ransomware attacks globally, with 1 in 60 organizations worldwide being affected by this type of criminal onslaught on a weekly basis. In addition, the costs for victims end up being seven times greater than the amount paid to hackers in ransoms.

For our Latin America region, the data shows that an organization suffered an average of 1,586 attacks per week in the last six months (compared to 1,116 attacks per organization worldwide). In the case of Brazil, an organization has been attacked an average of 1,510 times a week in the same period.

Pandemic and acceleration in the digitization of organizations

As Check Point recalls, with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an acceleration of the plans of organizations that immediately adopted hybrid and remote work, with accelerated adoption of the cloud. In this sense, one of the main torments has been ransomware.

Over the past five years, attacks of this nature have gone from random emails to multi-million dollar businesses across all industries, in targeted and sophisticated formats. With the level of sophistication increased, there are new trends like Ransomware-as-a-Service or dual and even triple extortion.

That is, cybercriminals began to make threats to publish private information for double extortion and demand ransom not only from the infected organization itself, but also from its customers, partners and suppliers, in the triple extortion format.

A highlight given by the company was that, in the last two years, there has been an exponential increase in multi-vector attacks (exploiting several different vulnerabilities). Harmful practices have expanded, with the human factor as one of the main fragile links in the occurrences.

Prevention to fight cybercriminals

“Governments and companies simply cannot settle for less, and must opt ​​for cybersecurity solutions that fully protect them from multiple attack vectors,” explains Gonçalves.

“In this era of rampant cybercrime, the need to protect organizations from advanced attacks is more important than ever. Companies must use pioneering technologies to stay protected from this scenario, and must prioritize prevention to combat the actions of cybercriminals”, highlights the country manager of Check Point in Brazil.

Simplification and awareness

Fortunately, Gonçalves points out that there is a scenario with an increasing willingness to adopt digital security. And one of the main focuses of his company’s work, according to him, is to take the complexity out of actions for the use of tools and cost reduction for customers, “to simplify as much as possible”.

Four points are highlighted by Check Point for the digital security of organizations. Prevention, mentioned above; the consolidation of this attention in networks, clouds and users; the use of artificial intelligence and operations of this nature in prevention; and trust for customers, experts and employees.

Everything also tracks people’s awareness, to show how much there are multi-vector attacks and the need to work on the risks and occurrences of cyberattacks, such as ransomware. “Digital security teams walking together with the advances of companies in digitization”.

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