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President of Argentina talks about the attack on Messi’s family business and acknowledges that he has to redouble efforts to combat crime

After it became known the news of the shooting and the mafia letter with Messi as recipient in the business of his in-laws, the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez,He spoke about what happened and recognized that the city of Rosario, where the events occurred, has become a zone of crime and violence, where despite the government’s efforts to contain crime, they still have a lot to do.

Today I woke up with ugly news in Rosario, where a supermarket had been shot. I immediately communicated with the mayor, I spoke with the chief of staff, I told him ‘let’s get going now‘”, he declared a few moments ago during a public act in the town of La Poma, in the province of Salta, referring to what happened in the business of the parents of Antonella Roccuzzo.

We are doing a lot, but obviously something more will have to be done. There, in Rosario, the problem of violence and organized crime is very serious.“, he complemented, without directly mentioning the footballer.

How was it that they threatened Messi?

This morning, in Rosariosome subjects shot at one of the supermarkets that is owned by the parents of Antonela Roccuzzothe wife of lionel Messi. Although the investigations have already begun and have not yet borne fruit to identify those responsible, it is presumed that they are drug traffickers, due to the “modus operandi” and the message they left the soccer player after shooting at the business at least 13 times.

Messi we are waiting for you, Javkin (the mayor of Rosario) is also a drug trafficker, he will not take care of you“, read in the letter they left.

So far the footballer has not spoken on the subject.

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