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Prefabricated steel houses: learn more

Most houses in Brazil are built using masonry, a technique involving concrete and brick. A trend that also exists in the country is the construction of wooden houses, inspired by American and European real estate. Anyone who wants to be even more innovative should bet on prefabricated steel houses🇧🇷

The steel house is modern, resistant and functional. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

How is the steel house?

Steel is a material used mainly to build industries, warehouses and commercial buildings. However, this constructive system has also influenced residential projects🇧🇷

O construction market is getting the prefabricated steel house. This type of property stands out for its technological evolution and its versatility, both from an aesthetic and structural point of view. Architects working with the steel in house construction they also ensure that the material offers greater freedom of creation.

The term ‘prefabricated’ that is associated with the steel house means that certain stages of the construction process happen in an industrial and serial way.

Advantages of prefab steel house

Steel is a trend in the construction industry. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out the advantages of the prefabricated steel house below:

• Steel technology facilitates the execution of bold projects;

• Steel offers ease for future reforms and adaptations;

• Quality assurance and constructive precision are other steel attributes;

• Steel blends well with virtually all materials, such as brick, cast-in-place slabs and drywall panels;

• The steel house has a relatively simple assembly, which reduces the construction time;

• A prefabricated structure it is usually cheaper than the conventional one;

• The steel structure reduces the number of trees felled to obtain wood and, consequently, reduces the damage caused to the environment;

The steel house contributes to the environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Steel allows transforming the more complex projects in reality;

• Steel is fully recyclable and its structure can be reused;

• Companies present ready-made projects, but the owner can customize the house the way he prefers;

• The steel pillars are thinner than the concrete ones, so they ensure better use of the usable area;

• In the prefabricated steel house, the waste of construction materials is much lower compared to conventional works;

• With a cleaner work, the steel house facilitates the organization of the construction site;

THE steel house it is a trend that advances in Brazil, but try to know other houseplants to be inspired.

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