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Prefabricated Houses – Information, Prices

There are several companies throughout Brazil that specialize in the construction of prefabricated houses🇧🇷 They invest in housing structured with wood or modular masonry, creating facilities for people who are looking to realize the dream of home ownership. The wooden house enters everything in modern and sophisticated projects, mainly for those who want to have a house in the countryside.

Prefabricated houses SP – prices (Photo Release: Casa/Abril)

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Prefabricated Houses

At prefabricated houses in wood has been gaining space in the Brazilian market. They are high quality wooden houses that last and bring all the beauty of nature into your home. There is still a lot of fear when buying a wooden house because of doubts about safety, durability, problems with termites and several other pertinent issues. Wooden houses are already a tradition in the United States.

Prefabricated houses offer numerous advantages (Photo Publicity: Casa/Abril)

Prefabricated houses offer numerous advantages (Photo Publicity: Casa/Abril)

Advantages of prefabricated house

Unlike the conventional property, the prefabricated model reduces expenses with the purchase of building materials and delivers the structure practically ready to the owner. The house can be based on a simpler or more sophisticated design, but it is up to the residents to determine this detail. In addition to being more comfortable to build the house, the buyer of the prefabricated house also has the advantage of completing the work in a shorter period of time, that is, it does not take years and years to complete the construction of the residence.

By ordering a prefabricated house from a specialized company, the owner can actively participate in the execution of the project. The house will have all constructive aspects controlled and there is no need to budget for materials, as everything is included in the total value of the property.

Prefabricated wooden houses are thermal (Photo Publicity: Casa/Abril)

Prefabricated wooden houses have several qualities

Prefabricated wooden houses are resistant, charming, comfortable and built in a sustainable way. They guarantee the well-being of residents and represent the perfect solution for families who need to build a house more quickly. The houses that result from the modular masonry are built with reinforced concrete panels, guaranteeing resistance and stability.

The deadline for completing a prefabricated house varies according to the work proposal of each company, but on average construction takes 20 to 30 days. In the meantime, the client can expose his needs to the professional responsible for the project and also put on the agenda his preferences regarding the type of tile, painting, flooring, among other items.

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Prefabricated wooden houses are great (Photo Publicity: Casa/Abril)

Prefabricated wooden houses are great (Photo Publicity: Casa/Abril)

Prices of Prefabricated Houses

The prices of prefabricated houses vary according to the project, but on average, a wooden house measuring 70 m2 costs 25,000 reais, while a concrete house with the same dimensions has the equivalent price of 15,000 reais. These values ​​prove that modular construction is a good solution to save money. Of course, these values ​​can vary according to the state, region, and even the moment you are reading this article.

Look for a prefabricated house company that operates in São Paulo, as is the case of Dynamica and eco house🇧🇷 When signing a contract for the construction of a house, it is important to ensure that all items defined with the seller are in writing in the document.

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