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Predictions Quarterfinals Qatar 2022: who will go to the semifinals according to astrology

Astrology tells us which teams the stars favor in the Quarterfinals.

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Qatar 2022 World Cup every day it gets more interesting. The quarterfinal round is about to start and the stars already have their favorites to go to the Semifinalsso they would be close to caressing the highest football glory.

The four games that we will see below are of reserved forecast, since all of them started the tournament as favourites, with the exception of Morocco, which until now is the dark horse of Qatar after eliminating Spain in a historic penalty shootout.

All the matches look evenly matched, so it could be cosmic luck that ends up making the difference.

The favorites for the Quarterfinals, according to astrology

The first match of this round will face the team of Brazil and Croatiaand according to the predictions of the famous astrologer Mhoni Vidente, the South American country is one of the favorites of the stars to win the World Cup, under this logic, the team led by Neymar would be the winner.

The second encounter and one of the most attractive is the clash between Argentina and the Netherlands. According to the prediction of Serious Astrology, one of the most recognized Twitter accounts among Argentines, the team of Lionel Messi and teammates have a better chance of winning if the albiceleste comes out with their home uniform. He even said that Argentina will win with a goal from Julián Álvarez.

The third game is between the World Cup surprise, Morocco, and the Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the predictions of the channel YouTube Synchronizes Tarot and Astrology, the Moroccans will be subdued by the Portuguese soccer powerso his World Cup dream will end this weekend.

The last game and the one that looks the most even in the series will be played by England and France. According to Mhoni Seer, the French have the stars on their side Because he nominated them to win the World Cup, so they would be the winners.

How would the Semifinals be?

If these predictions come true, the Semifinals would be Brazil vs. Argentina and Portal vs. Francetwo games that are reserved forecast, until the stars say otherwise.

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