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possible causes and recommended treatments

Back pain can have many causes and different treatments. Get to understand this health problem better.

At back pains they are a very common and frequent nuisance among the population, regardless of gender and age.

This, because the Back pain can have many causes. and discovering its origin is the first step in determining which treatment is most indicated.

Get rid of back pain once and for all correcting some habits and seeking expert help.

Back pain: causes and treatments to know

1. Bad posture

Repeated poor posture is one of the main causes of constant pain in various locations on the back. This symptom is particularly recurrent if we spend many hours sitting with our backs bent.

This is due to the constant pressure placed on the spine, muscles and ligaments of the back.

How to treat these back pains? The best solution to this problem is to maintain a correct posture throughout the day. You can also practice some exercises that help strengthen your back and relieve pain.

2. Muscle injury or contracture

Muscle injuries and contractures are another of the main causes of back pain, especially in people who lift weights (whether at work or in the gym) using only their backs.

How to treat? To combat this problem, you should rest and apply a hot water bottle to relax the affected muscles and relieve back pain. Another recommended method to reduce inflammation and improve discomfort is to massage the area.

3. Hernia

The hernia consists of a change in the disc that is between the vertebrae. This will cause constant pain that gets worse whenever there is movement with the back.

To these symptoms can be added a tingling or burning sensation in the region of the back, arms or legs, a sensation that can even radiate to other areas of the body.

The hernia can be a consequence of bad posture, maintained for a long time, or also the habit of picking up very heavy objects, concentrating the effort on the lumbar region.

How to treat? In these cases, it is important to consult an orthopedist in order to assess the state of the disc and initiate the most appropriate treatment.

It can go through the administration of analgesics, anti-inflammatories or, even, recommendation of surgery, to put an end to back pain.

4. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can also cause back pain, as it causes a gradual breakdown of the cartilage present between the vertebrae.

Without these cartilages in perfect condition, the bones end up “scraping” each other, causing pain that intensifies as time passes.

How to treat? In this situation, it is essential to go to the orthopedist. He may prescribe physical therapy sessions or, in some cases, surgery may even be suggested.

woman with myalgia

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5. Small spine fractures

In older people, the bones tend to become more fragile and, thus, small fractures appear in the vertebrae of the spine, especially if accidents such as falls occur.

These back pains can appear right after the trauma or come on gradually, with increasing intensity.

In addition to pain, it is possible to have other symptoms such as tingling in the arms, hands or legs, for example.

How to treat? In the event of a fracture, consult an orthopedist and follow his instructions, which may vary depending on the scenario.

6. Lung problems

It may come as a surprise, but back pain can reflect problems with your lungs.

If the pain comes on or gets worse when breathing and there is shortness of breath or a persistent cough, then it is likely that the cause is indeed pulmonary.

How to treat? In this situation, instead of seeing an orthopedist, you should consult a general practitioner or a pulmonologist to solve the problem that is causing this reflex pain.

7. Stomach problems

Again, back pain can be a side symptom, in this case of the stomach. It may arise motivated by reflux or an ulcer, for example, and in these cases it is common for the pain to radiate to the middle of the back.

To rule out the cause of the pain, it is important to consider whether, in addition to these symptoms, there is also a burning sensation in the throat, difficulty in digestion and vomiting.

How to treat? Given this scenario, you should visit a gastroenterologist and follow a healthy and balanced diet, with little fried food, fat and sugar.

more serious cases

There are cases where back pain can be associated with more serious problems, such as a heart attack. If you experience back pain in conjunction with the following symptoms, you should go to a hospital emergency room or call the medical emergency number 112:

  • feeling of tightness in the chest;
  • fainting;
  • severe difficulty breathing;
  • difficulty walking.

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