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Portuguese gin convinces the most demanding. Have you tried it?

Although it is a drink with origin in the Netherlands and great fame in England, Portugal also already produces gin and there is not just one case of success in this matter. In fact, Portuguese gin already wins international awards.

At the Douro and not Alentejofor example, there are two good examples of producers of portuguese ginwhose recognition has been evident and should be a source of pride for any Portuguese.

Therefore, if you are a connoisseur of this drink, then be sure to get to know the national brand gin that is made in the North and South of Portugal, proving how the Portuguese are also capable of “giving cards” in this matter.

Get to know some examples and surrender to an exceptional drink.

High quality Portuguese gin

Gin is a distilled alcoholic beverage, made from a fruit, the juniper, and neutral cereals.

The post-distillation process is essential to define the flavor, aroma, texture and color of this beverage. After being distilled, the product leaves the still with a high alcohol content.

Afterwards, distilled water is added to the formula, in the final stage, so that the drink is ready for consumption.

This drink appeared in the 17th century in Holland, under the responsibility of a doctor, Francisco De La Boe.

For some time this product was used for the treatment of kidney diseases. Later, it came to be appreciated as a distillate and known as “Gin De La Boe”.

It ended up reaching England and there it became really popular, especially among British soldiers.

British royalty also encouraged its production and marketing in Her Majesty’s lands. Now the Portuguese gin is on the market and it doesn’t do it for less: the best and award-winning.

Portuguese gin in the Douro

In 2015, Gin Cobalto 17 Douro was launched, the first product by Cobalto Douro Lda, the company owned by oenologist Edgar Rocha and chemical engineer Miguel Guedes.

The experience they had in the field of distillates allowed them to arrive at a unique product, with an aftertaste and an aroma quite different from that of other gins.

This drink has a fruity aroma, thanks to the use of pear and grapes from the Tinta Amarela variety.

In addition, the flavor is fresh, due to the use of peppermint and lemon verbena, with notes of spices, such as cardamom.

The success of this Portuguese gin was such that it conquered foreign distributors. The method used is traditional, with bottling and labeling by hand.

Price: €32.90
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Portuguese gin in Bairrada

Adamus comes from the Greek word Adamas which means diamond, because this super premium gin, like the bottle, was made, conceptualized and shaped like a diamond that reflects a sublime spirit.

Born from the experience of Destilaria Levira, ADAMUS Dry Gin was first produced in 2015, with a limited series of 4448 bottles. And every year it produces. a limited number of bottles.

Price: 55€

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Portuguese gin in Alentejo

Black Pig Alentejo was born in 2007, starting its activity with the planting of strawberry trees.

Later, the distillery appeared, which is located in the Montado Alentejano, where the black pig feeds freely on acorns and gives its name to the gin that we are going to talk about.

Since 2018, with the inauguration of the distillery, the sale of endogenous products began: medronho and gin, the first on the Alentejo coast and which is produced with botanicals of biological origin in the region, carefully harvested and selected.

Get to know more, here.

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The success of this Portuguese gin was recently evidenced when it was considered the best gin in the international competition, International Virtus Awards 2019where he won the Great Gold Medalthe ultimate distinction.

It is a gin with a dry character, which represents the identity of the Alentejo and the ecosystem of the Alentejo Montado.

Triple distilled in a traditional copper still, this gin is made from cork oak and holm oak acorns, along with carob, walnuts and other organic botanicals from the region.

Price: €37.95
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This version features a fresh and fragrant gin, symbol of the Alentejo Coast. Its botanicals come from the region’s ecosystem, such as juniper, lemon, rock rose, rosemary, acorn, rosemary, river mint and lavender.

This drink was awarded the Gold Medal at the Frankfurt International Wine, Beer and Spirits Trophy 2019.

Price: €26.95
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Another spectacular Portuguese gin. It originates in the surroundings of Reguengos de Monsaraz and has the hand of master distiller António Cuco.

It started as a joke, but it quickly became a serious case of popularity and a real business. It is produced in traditional Portuguese stills and has notes of orange, lemon, lemon verbena and lemongrass.

Price: €24.50

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Azorean Portuguese Gin

The name “Azor” comes from the main bird found in the discovery of the first Azorean islands, the Azor. Hence the name of the archipelago “Azores”.

Azor gin is a brand of the company “Drinks & Flavors, lda” whose founding partner is “Master distiller” Marta Pinto, internationally recognized in the world of distillery for being the only Portuguese woman and one of the few women in the world to produce distillates.

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