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Portugal has job vacancies left for Brazilians

Portugal has plenty of jobs for Brazilians?? In recent months alone, the country registered an offer of 23,000 vacant posts, which opens up space for foreigners, mainly Brazilians.

One of the most popular countries for Brazilians to immigrate to, Portugal has maintained a high number of vacancies until today.

A recent survey showed that there are numerous job offers that Portuguese citizens do not want to take, opening even more doors for foreigners.

Keep in mind that, for the most part, open positions are associated with the civil construction and restoration sectors, but the country does not have a qualified workforce for the services offered.

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Portugal has jobs to spare

The news that 23,236 vacancies were open was conveyed by the TVI 24 channel, of the Portuguese television network, based on the survey carried out by the IEFP, Institute of Employment and Professional Training of Portugal.

According to the Institute, opportunities are available accessing the site??

It is also worth remembering that the country has reopened its borders to foreigners and Brazilians since the beginning of September. Upon arrival, compliance with the 14-day quarantine is no longer mandatory. In addition, children under 12 years old do not need to present a test.


The fact that there are so many open positions and few people wanting to fill them is curious and is of interest mainly to those seeking an opportunity in this country.

This is because at the moment there are fewer immigrants in Portugal. The goal is to help those who are interested in immigrating and help effectively with the chance of getting a job and greater security of being in the country”.

Decathlon: Sporting goods company

Very well known, Decathlon has stores in Portugal, Brazil and in various parts of the world and the vacancies offered range from salespeople to sports specialists.

Decathlon is a famous company in the field of sporting goods that has already established itself as one of the giants of the sector. In Portugal, the department store started its activities in 2000, and today has 35 stores open.

To exemplify the grandeur of the company’s progress within Portuguese territory, there are already more than 1,500 employees who support the company in its journey.

If you are interested in the opportunities or want to get to know others, you can consult the information at Decathlon My Job??

How to get a job in Portugal?

We know that the internet is the best ally of anyone looking for a job, and Portugal is no different. Especially when the search is carried out in Brazil, websites specializing in jobs and job opportunities are essential to start the process.

job sites

There are many job sites in Portugal, some specific to certain areas, others more general. Try to do periodic surveys, as most platforms publish new vacancies daily. Among the main sites are:


Those who use linkedin know that this is the main social network focused on users’ careers. Therefore, it is an important tool for placement in the job market in Portugal, as it presents good job offers.

Keep your LinkedIn profile complete and up to date, it is important that your career details are clearly presented, as well as the skills and competencies to develop the job. An important tip is to keep your profile in English, many recruiters are part of multinational companies and this is essential for your profile to be found.

Work visa

The work visa in Portugal is essential to legally live and work in the country. It is still issued in Brazil and must be requested after obtaining a work contract in the country – further on we will explain how to obtain it.

In addition to the traditional work visa, there are other visa categories, such as:

  • D2 visa: for entrepreneurs and freelancers;
  • Tech Visa: focused especially on professionals working with technology;
  • D3 visa: for highly qualified professionals.

If you’re coming to study in Portugal but want to work during the course, don’t worry. It’s possible study and work in Portugalas long as it meets some conditions so that there is no class schedule conflict.

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