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Portal of the Lion’s Gate 2022: rituals to manifest 8/8

As every year Between July 28 and August 12, the mystical Portal of the Lion’s Gate opensa window that unites the spiritual world with the physical and that is activated exactly on August 8, when the possibilities of manifestation increase and it is possible to take advantage of some rituals.

This event of great relevance for astrology and numerology is about the alignment of the Earth, the Sun, the star Sirius and the Orion constellation; all of this occurs during the season of Leo, the sign of expression and heart.

astrologically it is the opportunity to manifest positive changes, just like we do on January 1, because it represents beginnings and endings. While for numerology the 8 has to do with trust, harmony and infinity, and when this portal is activated (on the 8th of month 8) this energy is doubly enhanced.

What rituals to do to manifest the 8/8

When the Lion’s Gate Portal is activated, the universe asks us to get in touch with what matters most to us, what we want in life and what we want to attract, according to YourTango.com, and to take advantage of this energy, we can resort to some ritual. Here we offer you 3 options:

Ritual to purify the mind

The first step to manifest the most positive to the universe is to purify the mind of bad thoughts. We can achieve this by lighting a white candle or sage incense in the home and expressing positive wishes. Take advantage of this day to take a walk in the fresh air and write down on a piece of paper what you want to obtain from the universe.

Energy Alignment Ritual

After purifying your space and mind, you can do this ritual, suggested by WeMystic, to align your energy with that of the Portal. Write your personal goals on a piece of paper.; pay attention to the signs of the universe that you could receive on this day and find a meaning. These can come through repeated numbers or the appearance of your spirit animal, for example.

healing ritual

Like the previous ones, this ritual is very simple. According to the site harmonia.la, you just need to make 3 columns on a sheet and write in the first one what you want to heal in your life, in the second one what you want to develop or the areas you need to nurture, and in the last one what you love. of yourself

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