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Portal 12/22/22: what it means and why it is the most important of the year

This December 22, 2022, the last energy portal of the year opensfor many the most important of all because it is the one that precedes Christmas and its message revolves around abundance and the manifestation of our wishes for 2023.

Energetic portals are spiritual phenomena that occur on dates with repeated digits and trigger numerical vibrations that allow us to have a special connection with the energy of the universe.

December, the 12th month of the year, symbolizes a period of trust, unity, success, challenges, commitment and compassion. In 2022 it is more significant because the numbers that make up this date, 12/22/22 or 12/22/22, contain a divine messageaccording to angelic numerology.

What does 12/22/22 mean in numerology?

Angelic numbers are those that appear and are repeated before us in addresses, telephone numbers, advertisements, tickets or, as in this case, calendar dates. This day is important because its energy benefits us all, so we must pay attention to the messages that come to us.

To understand the message of this portal the numbers that compose it must be analyzed, explains YourTango.com in an article.

The dominant number is 2which in numerology is associated with balance, harmony, inner peace, teamwork and collaboration, points that are key to prosperity.

22 is a master number, it symbolizes adaptability, positive energy, confidence and the fulfillment of goals and desires.

For its part, the number 1 is the one that represents the new represents the new opportunities or the beginnings of cycles. It helps us open our minds and hearts, as well as trust our intuition.

Due to the energy of the numbers it represents, this portal comes with a message of hope, positivity and the beginning of a new journey full of emotions. It also represents union and collaboration.

Spiritual Portal Message 12/22/22

According to angelic numerology, the last energy portal of the year comes with a message of confidence to achieve our goals. The angels encourage us to seek happiness and find fulfillment. in material things, people and within ourselves.

If you look at the number 1222 mainly this December 22, it will have a special meaning.. According to YourTango.com, the universe invites you to manifest something bigger, that is, drop limiting beliefs because any of your desires can be achievable, you just have to have faith in yourself.

Also, seeing this number on this day means that very big changes are coming, but they will all be positive. The universe works in your favor to solve any difficulty and problem; you must let go of everything that overwhelms you and have hope in new beginnings.

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