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Portal 12/22/22: how to use your energy to attract prosperity in 2023

If you want to take advantage of the energy of the last energy portal of 2022We have some rituals for you so you don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity that the universe offers us. 12/22/22 is more special this year because it is a unique numerical date that we will not see again until December 22, 2222.

The spiritual meaning of energy portal of December 22 of this year tells us that it is time to have faith in ourselves to achieve the goals of 2023 and let’s be ambitious with what we want to attract, because hope is placed in the new cycle by reminding us that it is in our hands to make it happen.

As if that were not enough, this portal occurs just the day after the winter solstice and the arrival of the spirit of Christmas 2022, so its energies are perfectly in tune with new beginnings.

How to harness the energy of the portal 12/22/22 to attract prosperity in 2023? Based on the recommendations of the psychic Artemisa Vidente, published on the Panoramaweb.com.mx site, we tell you what rituals to practice on this day.

gratitude ritual

on a sheet of paper write down everything you are grateful for in 2022, for this you will have to make a deep reflection on the most important things that you lived and marked you. Take advantage of these lines to write down what you learned from each of them, as well as the things you want to release. According to Artemisa, for abundance to arrive in 2023, you have to start the year without ties.

visualize your desires

Take a few minutes to relax, close your eyes and do a visualization exercise where you imagine how do you want your 2023 to be. Think about your wishes and how you will make them come true. Planning is the most important point because it will give you the keys to achieve them.

embrace the change

The energy of the portal 12/22/22 is of change so now is the time to close all cycles to face new beginnings. Meditate for a while on those things that need closure and leave them in the past. Focus your thoughts on the present.

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