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Portal 12/12: easy rituals to take advantage of its energy and attract abundance into your life

This Monday, December 12, opens one of the last energy portals of 2022 so it is the perfect time to take advantage of its energy and attract abundance into your life through simple rituals.

An energetic portal occurs when dates with repeated numbers are recorded and whose vibration frequency causes a special connection with the universe. The last portal happened on 11/22/22 and the next one will be presented until 12/21/22.

The meaning of the portal 12/12 refers to the end of cycles and upcoming beginningslike a personal rebirth, and to take advantage of this energy we leave you some rituals that you can do this day.

Energy cleansing ritual

An energy cleansing ritual can be something as simple as remove from your home the things you no longer use and only accumulate dust. Getting rid of these goals has an important spiritual meaning, like letting the energy flow and daring to move forward, according to the site Panoramaweb.com.

Move the furniture and clean the places that you do not usually clean frequently, if you wish, you can do it with a damp cloth with water and a little vinegar.

Ritual to put your life in order

In line with the previous ritual, this ritual consists of arranging and ordering the things in your home and work space. Keep important documents in a file cabinet or drawer and put objects in their place, make the bed and put clothes away.

The wise Buddhist monks said that home is a reflection of our mindi.e., a messy house was indicative of chaotic thoughts, while a tidy home is a sign of a peaceful mind.

meditation ritual

The last ritual is to take a moment to meditate and establish a connection with your deepest thoughts. Analyze which situations have not let you move forward and do not work in your life, but you are afraid of giving up. Remember that this portal augurs the closing of a cycle, so it is your opportunity to start a new one with the best energies.

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