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Pool paint, prices, where to buy

Swimming pools need an appropriate finish, characterized by resistance and durability. To improve the appearance of the leisure area, some projects began to invest in specific paints for swimming pools, capable of perfectly covering the fiberglass or concrete surface.

Pool paint resists the action of water and chemicals.

At pool paints have a formula developed with high technology to ensure good fixation. They are perfect for making a different painting on the bottom of the structure or even for changing the color completely. The tones are classic, like blue, ice white and ivory. A pool built using masonry, for example, no longer has rusticity to gain a refreshing and modern look.

If the pool that will receive the new painting is not clean, it is necessary to remove impurities and any type of dirt that could compromise a uniform finish.

Although construction material stores do not have as many products for painting swimming pools, there are companies that stand out in this field. Ypiranga, for example, innovated its paint catalog with a pioneering item in the segment

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Coral Epoxy Paint 3.6 liters


Ypiranga’s Piscina Plus is the ideal paint for consumers who want to renovate their pool and even invest in a new type of finish. There is no need to prepare the surface to apply the product, just use three coats on the concrete pool and two coats on the fiberglass structure.

Enamel PU Piscina Plus is composed of pigments, additives, resins and solvents. When it comes into contact with the eyes or any sensitive part of the body, it can cause irritation, hence the need to be careful with the application of the product and, if necessary, hire specialized labor.7


Renner, another established brand in the field of paints, has a special kit for painting swimming pools. The enamel is developed with waterproof polyurethane and guarantees a perfect coating, without interfering with the water treatment. Available in blue, the pool paint must be used together with a catalyst and a reducer to obtain the expected results.


Coral has also developed a product suitable for painting swimming pools and water tanks. Available in 3.6 liter gallon packaging, the Epoxy paint proves to be resistant to withstand direct contact with water, without being affected by wear.

Prices and where to buy

The best building materials stores sell pool paints, but it is important to compare prices and take advantage of offers. Companies that specialize in installing pools can help you find a point of sale.

The 3.6 liter Tinta Kit for the Azul Renner Pool is available for the price of R$293.59 or up to 5 interest-free installments of R$58.72 at Balaroti. Coral’s 3.6 liter Epoxy paint costs an average of R$ 125.60 in construction material stores.

3.6 liter Paint Kit for Azul Renner Swimming Pool.

Take advantage of the tips and find a more economical solution to renovate the pool.

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