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Police were called to Britney Spears’ home after an alarm from fans

After Britney Spears recently deleted her account on Instagram, several of her fans became so worried that they contacted the police, who according to American TMZ went to the star’s home to check that everything was correct.

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It was during Tuesday evening that the police were called to Britney Spears’ home after she deleted her account on Instagram.

The star has deleted his account on the platform several times in the past, but according to TMZ her silence on social media worried fans so much that several of them contacted the authorities to ask them to check that everything was in order.

According to TMZ should it have turned out that Spears was not in any danger or state of crisis.

“Be Upset”

This week’s police operation comes shortly after Spears reportedly “broke down” at a restaurant in Los Angeles earlier this month. Despite reports that the artist was “manic” at the time, the viral video taken during the evening only shows Spears trying to hide her face behind a menu.

One of the restaurant’s employees later commented on the whole thing in Page Six:

“It wasn’t Britney who messed up — it was the guest who mocked her by filming her without consent,” the employee said, adding that Spears was “understandably upset.”

Spears’ husband Sam Asghari later urged fans on social media not to “think you’re reading online.”

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