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Police chief Mats Löfving’s brother talks about the grief and anger – “not worthy if they come to the ceremony”

Mats Löfving was found dead in his home last week, and on the same day a report was presented with the conclusion that he had been violent in four cases involving decisions regarding police officer Linda Staaf. Now his brother, Jan Löfving, tells about the sadness in “After five.

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The police chief, Mats Löfving, was heavily scrutinized after being accused of being rude when he appointed Linda Staaf as head of intelligence at the National Operative Department (Noa). In an interview with Tilde de Paula, Mats Löfving’s brother talks about the grief after his brother’s death. He says, among other things, that Mats Löfving had no problems with the investigation, but that dismantling him as a person was difficult. Among other things, he allegedly told his mother that his honor had been taken from him.

Changed drastically

The conclusion of the report was that Mats Löfving was rude in four cases concerning decisions regarding Linda Staaf, but that he was not rude when he appointed her as head of intelligence at the National Operations Department. The investigator must have recommended the national police chief to consider dismissing or removing Löfving from his chief position.

Photo: TV4

Mats Löfving’s brother believes that all the important work that Mats did as a police officer was overshadowed by what happened. He also does not think that the police management did enough to support the brother. In the interview, Jan Löfving talks about how Mats had never been a person who talked about feelings before, but that after the events he began to express a lot of appreciation towards the people around him. “He changed drastically,” he says in the interview.

Police management not welcome to the funeral

Jan Löfving also says that Mats felt let down by his managers during the period. According to Jan Löfving, it was an incorrect image of Mats that was conveyed in connection with everything that happened. “He didn’t recognize himself at all in the picture that was painted,” he tells Tilde de Paula. Now a funeral is approaching and Jan Löfving is clear about how he feels about who will attend. “I hope, and also expect, that there are people in the management who understand that it is not dignified if they come to the ceremony,” he says in the interview.

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