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Pocket knockout: Canelo Álvarez will have his salary lowered if he fights in Mexico

The possibility that Saúl Álvarez will fight again in Mexico, as he did in the beginning, is still latent. for this 2023; however, to fulfill his dream of returning it would cost you, literally, dearlygiven that he would have to sacrifice part of his juicy profitssince the function would not raise the money that is obtained in the United States with a billboard of the champion of the super middleweights.

However, this does not seem to matter to the Aztec boxer, since on several occasions he has expressed his fervent desire to fight against his compatriots and it seems that now it is a priority for him, so his team and the promoter Matchroom Boxing They are doing everything possible to fulfill this desire and its president, eddie hearn He has warned of the economic sacrifice that the Aztec would have to assume.

Canelo would like to make a fight in Mexico, but will take a pay cut. We are thinking somewhere in Guadalajara, but it is still a big difference when you look at the doors (possible venues)”, Hearn commented in an interview for Boxing Scene.

Every time you make that move, you unfortunately have to assume that you are going to make a lot less money.”, he added.

Although neither the rival, nor the date nor the venue for the next battle of the redhead are confirmed, from now on it is speculated that it could be against John Ryder, in May, in Guadalajara at the Akron Stadium, the Jalisco Stadium, the FVG Arena or the Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso.

The exact amount that Álvarez would earn (or lose) for fighting in Mexico is still unknown, since as it is not confirmed there are no contracts involved; however, according to Brand information, The minimum that the Mexican requires to get into the ring is $10 million dollars, while, in his last fight against Gennady Golovkin, he pocketed $65 million dollarsaccording to information from El Financiero, so everything will depend on the agreement reached.

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