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PM-International increases its revenues to a record 35% growth during 2021

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PM-International AG has exceeded 2,000 million dollars in sales for the first time. The company’s annual revenue in 2021 increased more than 35% from the previous year, registering 2.35 billion dollars. The company has also announced record growth within the German market, where the company was founded, with growth of more than 35% in 2021 compared to 2020.

“It took us 26 years to pass the one billion mark and two years later we passed the second billion mark,” said PM-International founder and CEO Rolf Sorg. “This year, we are on track to hit the third trillion mark. My goal is for us to celebrate it together on our 30th anniversary in 2023.”

This record-breaking feat was showcased at the company’s Kick-OFF Europe event, along with the latest digital tools for dealers and an optimization of its own PM TV channel. The company also highlighted the expansions planned for 2022, sharing that it foresees the opening of nine new markets -including China, Indonesia, Hungary, Portugal and Colombia-, as well as the expansion of its footprint on the African continent, and the investment in its infrastructure. american.

“We have made 2021 the most successful fiscal year in our history,” said Patrick Bacher, PM-International Sales Director. “Now we need to put our motivation and plans in place for 2022 in order to set the course for an even more successful year!”

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