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pleated skirt with sneakers is success.

3 Tips for combining a pleated skirt with sneakers. Dare in looks is not for everyone and making a good combination requires attention and care not to overdo it, but to make a good bet. Whether for everyday life, college, work or even leisure time, a skirt and sneakers are a great choice for the occasion. Looks with these combinations show something more youthful and laid-back for those who don’t like to draw too much attention and be more discreet.

The skirt has been a key item in women’s wardrobe over the years, and can be in different models, such as; round, straight, fairer and our favorite, pleated. The pleated model gives the body an elongation, making it appear taller, for those who are short, you will notice that the skirt creates a “flattened” effect in itself.

Over the years, the skirt has evolved and improved more and more, both in terms of materials, fit and cut. The midi skirt is one of the most chosen by women to display style and versatility, both to show a more serious posture, as an example for lawyers, and to convey a more relaxed image as well, a look for an outing, for example.

Pleated skirt. (Photo: Reproduction/Via Bras)

Now when it comes to shoes, who doesn’t love sneakers, right? There are those who wear sneakers for all occasions and those who use them only on specific occasions, but let’s face it, wearing sneakers is one of the best options, as it is comfortable and beautiful. White sneakers are one of the most popular bets for everyday looks, going to work, visiting a restaurant for lunch or just going for a walk.

Sneakers are great not only for those moments of routine, but for leisure as well, to perform physical activities, there are several models of sneakers that fulfill what they promise, the most sought after for those who train in the gym and do bodybuilding, are the sneakers that have flat soles, as they provide more stability when performing exercises in lower limb training (quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks).

Returning to white sneakers, the darling of many people, because they are beautiful, versatile and any look goes with them, ranging from the cleanest to the most flashy, perfect for any occasion. A look composed of a pleated skirt, white sneakers and a cropped top to complete, besides being super comfortable, it makes it look even more stylish and of course, rock around.

White sneakers. (Reproduction/Netshoes)

Have you thought about this combination? It’s a luxury! To help put together a perfect look, we’ve brought some tips to make a good composition with these two essential pieces to have in a wardrobe today, not just a pleated skirt or white sneakers, but both in other models, such as colored ones.

3 tips for combining a skirt with sneakers. Check out!

If you like a more colorful approach, we bet you’ll like this combination of a colorful and striking look that stands out for showing a unique style without being extravagant, but well balanced. The sneakers also have a colorful touch, being white with black and green to highlight the look in a very stylish way.

Colorful look with pleated skirt. (Photo: Reproduction/Women’s Tips)

As for those who feel colder and like to be beyond beautiful, very comfortable, there is the option of composing a pleated skirt with sneakers and a sweater. This look is more of a romantic style, complementing it with a side bag to make the composition even better. This is a good bet for the winter and spring season, as you are comfortable and very stylish.

Romantic look. (Photo: Reproduction/Single Tag)

Different compositions can be made, just choose and put together your look in your unique style and parade showing off the pieces that matched your #LookDoDia. For example, this look consists of a black pleated skirt, white sneakers and a leopard print long-sleeved blouse, to complement and match the sneakers, a belt and a side bag in white.

Versatile look in a pleated skirt with white sneakers. (Photo: Reproduction/Women’s Tips)

Some celebrities have already appeared in the media with looks composed of pleated skirts, like Kate Middleton, who is always stylish and exuding sympathy. Kate’s looks always convey an image of a strong woman without losing the touch of lightness, so her looks are always the most beautiful and draw the attention of the world, of photographers who are always hovering around royalty.

Kate Midlleton bets on plaid pleated midi skirt. (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images)

Not only Kate Middleton, but also the famous influencer Flávia Pavanelli bet on the pleated model, a dress in the romantic footprint, in the strapless and flowery style. This is one of the most beautiful looks ever used by celebrities, because it shows sympathy, style and without exaggeration! A perfect look for occasions such as anniversaries, a romantic dinner or an afternoon lunch.

Flávia Pavanelli opted for a pleated strapless dress. (Photo: Reproduction/Projeto Noivinha)

Celebrities always surprise us with very authentic looks that show the strong personality of each one, Kate Middleton and Flávia Pavanelli, were just some of the examples of celebrities who appeared in the media exuding sympathy, style and rocking around. Because it has a light fabric, it makes the look comfortable together with the sneakers, that is, comfort + style is what we want!

Putting together looks that are just like you makes this moment unique, because each piece is important for the composition and style is something unique, each one can have the style they want and dare in the way they see fit.

We discussed how the midi skirt has several models, one of them being pleated, white sneakers are comfortable for everyday life, tips on combinations of looks for some occasions, celebrities who have already used the skirt and even a pleated dress that super combined . How not to love this more than perfect combination, right? Pleated skirt with white sneakers back is the unique composition bet for this year 2023.

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