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PlayStation 5 will have support for more screens and folders • ENTER.CO

PlayStation recently announced that it listened to user feedback, so it is launching a new beta version for fans of the PlayStation 5. Among the new features that a select group of users are already testing, is compatibility with 1440p screens. , game lists, among other improvements to the interface.

Without a doubt, the interface of the Play 5 is an improved version of the PS4 thanks to its new social functions and content management, however, some improvements are needed, such as being able to organize the games. And it is that the PS5 is full of quite a few games (and more will come soon) so the company finally responded to the requests of its users including folders to keep video games organized.

Although this, like the other functions, is only in testing, we can get an idea of ​​how it will work if it reaches all users. The folders or game lists will allow you to organize them according to your preference in up to 15 different folders. Each of the lists can hold up to 100 games. On the other hand, the company is expanding the number of screens compatible with the PlayStation 5. Until now, it was only possible to play on FullHD (1080p) and 4K screens; With the new support you could play on 1440p monitors, that is, as long as the game also has support for 1440p screens.


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Finally, in terms of social improvements, the company argues that now you can ask members of a group to start Screen Sharing to see their game. Also, if any member of your party is enjoying a game that you can join, a notification will appear for you to join directly from there.


It should be noted that the functions mentioned here are only in testing, so they may or may not reach all users. The company argues that the features that pass the threshold will reach all players later this year.

Image: PlayStation

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