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Player of América Femenil and of the Mexican National Team denounced attacks by her ex-partner in networks and the team condemned the fact

Scarlett Camberos, player of Club América Femenil.

Photo: Erick Saavedra / Imago7

Through social networks, Scarlett Camberos, forward representing Club América and the Mexican National Team, denounced on social networks the physical violence she suffered from her ex-boyfriend, Andrés Hernández, whom he also blamed for the hacking of his personal networks.

The striker announced on February 14 the hacking of her social accounts, for what he asked that they not pay much attention to what was published during the day on Twitter and Instagram. However, in the same account of Camberos revealed the alleged aggression received by Andrés.

“Good day, This is responsible for the hack that I suffered on my networks, 1 year ago I had a dating relationship with this boy, I decided to shut up out of fear, every time We had sexual relations, he assaulted me with blows to the neck or stomach, I am not going to shut up anymore ”pointed out the young attacker with images related to the subject.

However, this is not all that the Aztec battering ram has said, because in response to the tweet that has more than 800 “likes”, she revealed that she decided to end her relationship with said person, which caused her fear and fear. In addition, she stressed that she sends her friends to follow her, and that on another occasion she ended up punching him three times in the stomach.

“I decided to end my courtship with this boy and fear and fear began there, it harasses me, it follows me, it sends its friends to follow me everywhere I go, He is jealous, possessive, intense and that is why he becomes violent, I am no longer going to remain silent.”

“Another time we argued in the apartment and he told me it was his or no one’s and he decided to put three punches in my stomach so that he would learn to respect him, I saw how he hit his friends, practice boxing and taekwondoHe knows how to fight a lot and abuses that. I’m not going to stay silent anymore, Andy told me that if I decided one day to finish it, I was going to regret it “added Scarlett Camberos on social networks.

However, although it seems like a lot, Camberos went further, and on the same social network he revealed that his ex-partner’s cousin was also the author of physical violence towards another player from the Women’s MX League, Gloria Murillofootballer of Women’s Tigers.

His cousin was the same case of assault against Gloria Murillo. He violated her and was abusive. He is her cousin, he is another stalker, Andrés was in charge of sending him to watch over me when he couldn’t, in case I left my house for training, his name is Alex Noyola, He had a relationship with a tiger player and was denounced for the same thing, violence, look for him.”

Club América Femenil and its message

After Scarlett Camberos’s complaint was made known on social networks, it can be seen how Club América Femenil also sent a message in this regard, where they emphasized that they condemn the violent acts for which they are going through the cream-blue front.

“We strongly condemn any type of violence against women. In accordance with our security protocols, the Club provides legal, digital and psychological support. Scarlett, we are with you, count on us!” Club América said on networks.

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