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Play to win funds? This is how PlayStation Stars works • ENTER.CO

PlayStation Stars wants to propose a very beneficial exchange: that you play and in return you get points for more games.

PlayStation is in a marathon of new services, features and programs that seek to shorten the advantage that Xbox has taken with Game Pass. His most recent announcement is a new loyalty program that wants you to earn rewards for playing games on the console.

What is PlayStation Stars?

It is the name of this new PlayStation loyalty program.

How much will it cost?

Here’s the surprise: it will cost nothing. It will simply be a program that will be open to all PlayStation players.

How will it work?

On a monthly basis, PlayStation will create challenges and goals for its players to complete. Some of the examples posted on the announcement blog include simply playing a title, while others are much more specific such as winning a specific trophy or winning an online tournament.

Every time you complete any of these ‘missions’ you will earn points.

What are PlayStation Stars points for?

On his PlayStation blog he mentions that these points can be used to redeem ‘digital collectibles’ such as avatars. Before you light the torches, it’s not about NFTs. The company has clarified that these collectibles are not supported by Block Chain technology, cannot be exchanged, sold or related to crypto wallets.

This is not everything. PlayStation also ensures that these points can be redeemed as funds for purchases within the console store.

Does that mean it’s similar to Nintendo Gold Points?

Yes. This would be the closest comparison.

When will it be released?

‘By the end of the year’ is the only window we have received. There is no confirmed date.

Will it be available in Colombia?

The announcement does not speak of a region-limited release. But this is usually the case with most PlayStation services. We will have to wait to see if we will have PlayStation Stars in our country.

Images: Sony

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