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Play house: photos, tips

With the Playhouse: photos, tips, the joke starts to have a right address. This environment is built with the aim of amusing and entertaining children, providing them with moments of privacy to play alone or with their friends. There are many options and one of them may be what you are looking for, check out our article.

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Play house: photos, tips

The little house, which normally has a wooden frame, masonry or resistant resin, can be located in the backyard of the property or even in the child’s room, if the external area does not have enough space. In addition to serving as a setting for games, the little house can also be considered a space to store toys and leave the children’s room free of clutter.

THE wooden doll house usually makes children happy. With the compact design that perfectly simulates a conventional architecture. The external finish of a little girl’s house usually has a painting in pink and white, but this visual aspect can change from one model to the next.

For the little girl, the dollhouse serves to gather her friends, make pretend food and play ‘mummy and baby’ with her favorite doll. Of course, there are other creative play ideas that promise to develop the imagination and enjoy the child’s free time in a productive way.

The boy can also have his little house, installed in the bedroom or in an outdoor area. In this environment he can store his games and other toys, in addition to bringing the children together to participate in fun games. In this case, the model of the house it is usually different and does not display such a delicate aesthetic or with a feminine touch. The quest for adrenaline and adventure makes most boys prefer a tree house.

the aesthetics of play house it does not need to be standardized, taking into account exclusively the concept of feminine and masculine. It can incorporate the small owner’s preferences and acquire personality, as is the case with the house decorated with a favorite character design or with the combination of favorite colors. Anyway, there are many possibilities.

A website that offers different models of playhouses ready, is the http://www.casinhadebrincar.com.br/🇧🇷 Here you will find varied models, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, as well as accessories to enhance the interior of the house. There are several options for houses and accessories, your child will love to have one of these at home.

pictures of home to play

THE house to play It can be purchased ready-made in stores specializing in this type of product. To obtain a more original model, it is interesting to have the little house made, relying on skilled labor for this type of work. The child can actively participate in the preparation of the project, reporting their preferences.


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