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Platanito clown causes controversy for the gloomy Christmas decoration of his house

The clown Platanito, who a few days ago was in the eye of the hurricane for a joke in bad taste he made about Debanhi Escobar, the young woman who was found dead inside a well in Nuevo León, made news again, but time for the spooky decoration of your house for Christmas.

“The Christmas tree that my wife invented 😱😱😱 I loved it,” reads the message that accompanied his video posted on Instagram,

Thanks to his publication, which was set to music with the theme ‘The Christmas Tree’, we were able to notice that his tree, which is the traditional green color, was decorated with yellow lights and a great variety of skulls, with scary clowns, with heads of dolls, with mummies, among others.

The tip of his tree was adorned with a human skull with its respective Santa Claus hat.

The one who has left the traditional Christmas decoration divided opinions on their social networks, as there were those who pointed it out for their lack of respect for the celebration.

“They have no idea what Christmas is, neither you nor your wife,” wrote one of his followers, to which the clown was quick to reply: “Why don’t you go and chat?” There were also those who expressed that their decoration was great, but for Halloween. “Very cool… but like for Halloween 🎃 💀 😂😂😂”, “Something out of the month I think 😂😂😂😂😂”, “Ahuevooo 😍 I recycle Day of the Dead decorations” and “That’s cool to reuse Halloween things and Day of the Dead”, are just some of the comments he received.

He also received messages from some celebrities, who congratulated him on his originality: “Precious!!! Tell your wife that I send all my respects… and kisses to both of you 😍”, wrote the actress Gaby Platas, while Talia from Aca Shore told her: “Wow, a hug to both of you is super cool ❤️”.

There is no doubt that Platanito knows how to give something to talk about and generate controversy, just as he did with his Christmas tree.

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