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Plastic Wood Prices, Where to Buy

THE Plastic Wood Prices, Where to Buy It is a modern material with many purposes in furniture making and home improvement. This synthetic resource reuses a series of elements and therefore contributes to the goal of sustainability in the furniture and construction sector.

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Plastic Wood Prices, Where to Buy

Also called synthetic wood, the product is based on recyclable plastic and plant fibers, which help to create a safe and resistant structure for the boards. This special wood is composed of sawdust, corn on the cob, among other raw materials that do not contribute to the devastation of the environment.

With the increase in plastic wood in construction, the tendency is for deforestation in forests to be lower and the number of trees on the planet to increase. New technologies are being gradually worked on to improve plastic wood technology and make it one of the best selling products on the market.

THE fusion of wood waste with plastic waste results in a modern, beautiful and above all resistant material. If the materials used were not transformed into synthetic wood, they would likely be deposited in landfills. Thanks to this new recycling proposal, the pollution of the environment by by-products will decrease.

At advantages of plastic wood are unlimited, such as the low maintenance cost, appearance identical to that of solid wood, immunity against termites, does not retain water in its structure and can be painted without any type of restriction.The price of plastic wood varies according to the technology of the material and the manufacturer, the values ​​vary from R$200.00 to R$400.00 in the price of the m² of the covering. purposes for plastic woodespecially when it comes to covering recreational areas.

Plastic wood is applied to pool decks, linings, fences and even furniture. The material is often used in outdoor areas because it is resistant to heat and humidity. there are several plastic wood modelswhich vary in terms of the type of resin used in manufacturing.

If you do not know where to buy plastic wood, do a search at construction material stores in your city, especially at Madeplast dealerships. You plastic wood prices still compare to the conventional one, but the trend is that the increase in demand will bring a significant cost reduction. Below we will indicate some stores where plastic wood can be found:

Wood made with plastic, where to find

For you who want to give your home a more rustic and charming look, or in a certain room through the wood but you don’t want to spend a lot, opt for this much cheaper option and that will definitely give you the same look you want, pleasing whoever you visit and especially your pocket

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