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Plaster paints, how to choose

Plaster finishes are an excellent option to make environments more beautiful, cozy or even elegant, and are seen mainly in white, but over time, they can get dirty, or even tiring, in need of a new one. hand paint or a color to brighten the environment.

Special paints for plaster. (Photo: Disclosure)

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plaster paint

Although painting an environment is not so difficult, plaster is a more porous and fragile surface than walls plastered with cement, and therefore needs special care. Normally, when painting a layer of plaster, it is necessary to prepare it with specific products called preparatory primer – also called anchor primer -, that is, a special product that will protect the plaster, penetrate its surface, increasing resistance and durability.

Plaster paint does not need a primer. (Photo: Disclosure)

Plaster paint is primed to give perfect coverage

The old painting techniques, with repairing background and latex paint, were very useful and durable, but with the new invention of the paint market, it is no longer necessary to go through this complicated and laborious process. Recently, plaster paints have been released, which facilitate the work and do not need a protective layer.

The advantage of this product is that it joins the primer to the paint, and what would be a laborious task, done in several steps, becomes something much faster and simpler, in addition to reducing costs for the consumer. To take advantage of this novelty, check out some brands that work with this type of product.

The painted plaster gives a special touch to the decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

Plaster paint brands

THE Suvinyl is one of the companies that have already put this novelty on the market. The product marketed by the brand can be found in 3.6-liter gallons and even in large 18-liter cans, which can be found in construction material stores and stores specializing in paints. The advantage of buying Suvinil’s product is that it is available in countless colors and can change the look of each environment with plaster, giving each one more personality. In addition to Suvinil, the market offers numerous brands of own paints for painting plaster.

Coralplaster paint.

Coral Plaster Paints

Coral Tintas also has its own plaster line called Coralgesso. The product combines the matte finish of latex paint with a special formulation, which makes the adhesion and penetration of the paint much greater than conventional latex paint, thus combining the effect of common paint with the protection and durability of the primer primer. Coralgesso is only available in two ready-made colors, but has the advantage of being able to receive another 1500 shades through the Language of Colors system, which, with a color chart, adds dyes to the product to form the color desired by the consumer. Nowadays it is possible to find a range of options in plaster paints, as well as in the most varied colors to give style and necessary coverage in any environment.

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