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plaster decoration

THE plaster decoration it is a bet that combines with different environments of the house, such as living rooms and bedrooms. The material can be used in the construction of the ceiling, with the aim of making the lighting more cozy and beautiful. It is also possible to work with walls and other structures made with plaster.

Plaster decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Everyone loves to make their home beautiful and tidy. And, the more focused on new styles and trends, the prettier the property tends to be. Among the novelties that are successful in the field of architecture, it is worth highlighting the decoration with plaster.

Plaster is a great choice for the home because it has a variety of uses and an excellent aesthetic result. The material can be used to create furniture, walls, ceilings, dividers, panels, among other purposes.

Plaster can be present in different places in the house. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

plaster decoration

Plaster in the kitchen. (Photo: Disclosure)

Plaster has proven to be the darling of architects, after all, it has the great advantage of giving malleability to any type of thing you want to do in a house. The material is used to delineate ceilings and also make beautiful sculptures to place in the living room or office at home.

A good architectural professional will know in which environment of your home the plaster should be placed. It’s always really good to ask for an opinion and help from someone who understands how to use this material to decorate your home, after all, with exaggeration, everything can be in very bad taste.

The plaster highlights the lighting. (Photo: Disclosure)

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How to use plasterboard?

You don’t know how to build one plaster decoration🇧🇷 So check out some tips below:

plaster walls

Plasterboard, also called Drywall, is a structure formed by resistant and easy to install plates. The wall that receives this finish is usually structured with steel or wood, being able to support the weight of heavy objects fixed on its surface, such as shelves and TV stands.

Textured plaster wall. (Photo: Disclosure)

plaster lining

Plaster can be used as the main material to build the ceiling of the house. The plates make the ceiling more beautiful, in addition to being able to enhance the lighting points.

The plaster lining highlights the points of light. (Photo: Disclosure)

plaster furniture

Many modern houses end up betting on plaster furniture to make the decor more clean, beautiful and functional. The pieces are structured with steel and gain plasterboard as a form of finishing. Plasterboard niches, as well as living room shelves, are successful in decorating with plasterboard furniture.

Plaster furniture. (Photo: Disclosure)

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