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Plaster Ceiling Photos

What this article covers:

When we are planning to do a work, the first thing we think about is the finish, how it will be done, what we are going to use, the colors, the furniture, the decoration in the end, there are many details to be chosen and decided, but there is one detail that makes all the difference in the work leaving the environment beautiful, cozy and chic, this detail is the plaster ceiling🇧🇷

Plaster Ceiling Photos

There are several companies specialized in placing plaster, but it is necessary to carry out market research to compare prices and services. The placement of the plaster must be done well so as not to run the risk of falling and preferably look for a company that gives the maximum number of years of guarantee, as some give up to ten years of guarantee on their service.

Tips to prevent you from being scammed:

  1. In houses close to the paria demand that anti-rust wire be placed in the plaster;
  2. Always demand 90% plaster finish, the other 10% is left to the painter;
  3. Demand that your plasterer beat the hose level before making the lining;
  4. Do not accept damp or warped plasterboards, so that the finish is perfect;
  5. The tie and plumb must be 100% accurate to make the block wall;
  6. And most importantly, never pay more than fifty percent of the service before it’s done.

By following these tips, you will have plaster placed to the highest standard of finish and beauty.

How should gypsum be measured?

The plaster must be measured according to the model and the customer’s requirements, see here how it should be done:

  • Gypsum Lining: per square meter
  • Moldings, Moldings, Bars, Negatives: per linear meter
  • Half Plate Decoration Trays: per linear meter
  • Corner Decorative Designs: per unit

Once you know the prices and how many meters of plaster were applied, the finish is easy calculate the price of plaster which will go to work after it is ready. To get an idea of ​​how the application of plaster on the ceiling looks, see below some pictures:

Photos of Plaster Ceiling, Plaster Ceiling Models

choose to put the plaster on the ceiling according to your preference so that the house stays your way with your face. Many people leave the entire service in the hands of decorators and architects and will only see the work after it’s finished, it’s an option, but it certainly won’t have that special touch that only you can give. An important and basic tip is that you yourself always supervise the work on your house, after all, it will be your home there for a long time and who knows for a lifetime.

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