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Plants to use in low light apartments

At plants to use in apartments with low light are great options for those who can’t do without a house full of greenery, but live in homes where sunlight reaches with difficulty.

Plants to use in apartments with low light (Illustrative Photo)

Sunlight is essential for the survival of plants, as this light energy helps plants carry out photosynthesis, the process in which they produce their food. That is, in general, if they don’t have contact with sunlight, they may end up dying in a short time.

But the good news is that there are several species of plants that can survive in low light, and can be used precisely in apartments and houses where the incidence of shade throughout the day is very high.

Plants to decorate your home in 2016

What this article covers:

Peace lily (Illustrative Photo)

Peace lily (Illustrative Photo)

One of plants that survive in low light it is the Sword-of-Saint-George. Quite resistant, it has large and firm leaves, which do not require much maintenance, and tolerates poorly lit environments well.

Chlorophyte has a similar characteristic, which decorates the environment well, especially when it is placed in hanging vases or planters. Although resistant to low luminosity, it needs to be watered frequently.

Artificial plants for home or office decoration

Aglaonema (Illustrative Photo)

Aglaonema (Illustrative Photo)

The Peace Lily looks beautiful in any type of vase, in addition to being very easy to care for. It is a plant used to low temperatures and needs moderate humidity, helping to make your decoration very beautiful.

Another plant indicated for dark places is the zamioculca, which does not require water every day and which also does not need direct sunlight. The various shades of green of its leaves also draw attention, giving the space an extra charm.

Other options

Zamioculca (Illustrative Photo)

Zamioculca (Illustrative Photo)

Resistant plants to have at home

There are still many other options for plants that grow in the shade, surviving well even when not exposed directly to the sun. Among them it is worth mentioning:

  • aglaonema
  • Anthurium
  • camedorea-elegant
  • wood aloe
  • lucky bamboo
  • Peperomia
  • Singonium

Even if they don’t require as much sunlight, you shouldn’t forget basic plant care, so that they last a long time and are always beautiful.

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