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Plants that bloom all year round

When setting up a garden at home, people are looking for a peaceful and relaxing space close to nature. They invest in several species of plants to decorate the area, in addition to investing in furniture and accessories that contribute to a more welcoming atmosphere. However, residents live with the challenge of preserving the residential garden beautiful and healthy and for that it is necessary to know the Plants that bloom all year round🇧🇷

The maria-sem-shame is a species that keeps the garden in bloom all year round.

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Plants that bloom all year round

The plants chosen to decorate the indoor or outdoor garden need to adapt to the environmental conditions. The cultivated species must also be in accordance with the lifestyle of the people who live on the property, that is, the plants that require periodic care give way to those that have a simpler maintenance and without many demands. In any case, it is important to worry about watering, pruning, fertilizer and lighting.

A very common challenge for those who grow plants at home is to keep the year-round flower garden🇧🇷 To achieve this feat, residents must choose the most appropriate species for cultivation and care for their health.

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Know the Plants

When the landscaping project is well executed, the family can count on a garden full of flowerss during all seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter). The secret to preserving the always colorful and cheerful area is choosing the species that bloom every month, without so many limitations regarding the climate, which varies according to the time of year.

Shameless Mary: small, delicate and colorful, they are easy to grow and bloom all year round. For the flowers to remain beautiful and healthy, they need sun in the morning and two waterings a day during the intense heat season.

Plants that bloom all year round

The maria-sem-shame is a species that keeps the garden in bloom all year round.

waxy begonia: like the maria-sem-shame, this species keeps the garden in bloom all year round. It can be found in several different colors, grows up to 30 cm in height and adapts to places with full sun or partial shade.

Plants that bloom all year round

Begonias match a delicate garden.

Weeping Lantana: the beautiful pendant flowers and girls appear throughout the year. To ensure the health of the plant, exposure to the sun at least four hours a day is necessary.

Plants that bloom all year round

weeping lantana

Pentas: the species proves to be perfect for those looking for an intense flowering for the garden, being a shrub that measures from 30 to 60 cm. To grow the seedlings, you need to use sandy soil and water every two days.

Plants that Bloom All Year Round

Pentas brighten up the home garden.

Lavender: Better known as Alfazema, it is part of the Lamiaceae family, which are small plants with an incredible aroma, hence the name for perfumes with a refreshing smell.

Plants that bloom all year round

Lavender smells amazing

Pending Geranium: Its shape and color are beautiful. She comes from South Africa mainly from the Southeast region. Its cultivation should be in the sun with partial shade. The soil should be a little dry, they don’t like water very much.

Plants that bloom all year round

pendant geranium

If it is not possible to invest in plants that bloom all year roundselect species representing each season of the year to grow in the garden, so the space will always be in bloom.

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