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Plants for small spaces

Plants for small spaces – Plants are capable of transforming residential environments. In addition to contributing to the decoration, they also perform a kind of cleaning in the air and end the concentration of negative energy that can affect a certain space in your home. There are several plant options, check out our tips to beautify your environment more.

There are plants that adapt to small and closed environments. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Plants for small spaces

Plants in interior decoration

Before choosing the best plants to grow at home, it is important to verify that the plants have favorable conditions to support a closed and restricted environment. The choice of a species must take into account the basic needs, such as lighting, fertilizer and watering. With a certain plant decorating some corner of the house, the look of the environment becomes more beautiful and residents enjoy well-being every day.

For grow plants at home and keep them healthy, it’s not enough just to like or think it’s beautiful. Residents need to have time to take care of the plants, often worrying about the fundamental requirements for the survival of the plants: light and ventilation.

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When choosing a plant, it’s important to worry about clarity and ventilation. (Photo: Disclosure)

Plants for small spaces

Plants can contribute to the decoration of different environments, such as living room, bedroom, office, entrance hall, kitchen and even bathroom. However, some species have complicated maintenance and cannot grow healthily in closed and small spaces. In this way, residents must choose the species that best adapt to the characteristics of the house or apartment.

If the plant decorates a small room, the window or door should be open for at least two hours so that air can circulate and natural light can enter. Even though the plant is in the shade, it needs contact with nature and cannot be kept in a restricted and closed space.

See below the plants that can be grown in small environments and choose the best option for your home.

  • Palm trees Rhapis excelsa and Chamaedorea: in addition to being charming and inviting, these species adapt to smaller and closed spaces.
  • Fern: although it has gone out of fashion, this plant adapts well indoors.
  • Zamioculca: it is a compact, elegant plant that matches the conditions of a small environment. Its main feature is its bright green leaves.
  • African Violet: It is a cheerful and easy to grow plant. However, for the flowers to sprout, the vases need to be exposed to light.
  • Spear of Saint George: It is an ornamental plant that is in fashion and combines mainly with contemporary decor. The species does well in shady areas and does not need as much water.
  • tree dracena: this foliage is a good indication because it withstands the effects of air conditioning within a small environment.

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There are many options of plants that you can find to use decoration for your environment, when looking for the plant, take into account the place chosen to place it, because depending on the conditions of the place, you will have to look for a species that fits the place. Do a quick search to make the right choice and keep your plant’s life much longer.

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