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Plants and flowers that will help you call luck at the start of the Chinese New Year

The purity of the plants and flowers allows positive energy to flow in any space.

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The Chinese horoscope indicates that the start of the Year of the Rabbit will be on Sunday, January 22 and according to Asian traditions it is important to be prepared to welcome fortune from the recommendation to place certain plants or flowers in the home or office, as this will allow positive energy to flow properly.

Below are some elements related to nature that serve to attract health, harmony, happiness and financial success.


According to Feng Shui, receiving a bamboo represents opening the door to luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness.

However, fortune is closely related to the number of stems that the plant has, but the only thing that should be avoided is having one of four stems, because in Asia, the word four has a phonetic similarity with “death”.

money tree

After acquiring it or receiving it as a gift, it should be placed in the southeast part of the home, since it is thought that this way people will never have financial problems.

jade tree

In Asian culture, this plant is considered to attract money to the home of those who care for it.

flamingo flower

Various Feng Shui experts maintain that it symbolizes hospitality and elegance, which is a door to call fortune.


It is thought that people who carry a twig of this plant in their wallets will benefit from luck by attracting money, but also those who have one of these outside their homes will keep evil forces away.


Scholars agree that this plant brings peace and abundance, as it protects from evil and negative energies,


It symbolizes prosperity and luck for those who dare to plant it outside the house or in the garden.

chinese rose

This flower is directly related to love, beauty and femininity, so those who take care of it will not suffer to find a partner or to advance to the next level of the sentimental relationship.

kumquat tree

Planting a kumquat tree in the garden is a great idea because its roots are strong and this symbolizes prosperity and well-being for homes.

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