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Planned Kitchen | +17 Photos of Modern Kitchens to Inspire

THE fitted kitchen perfectly matches the needs of contemporary style. It is made up of custom-made furniture, which seeks to value the dimensions of the room to give shape to a sophisticated, modular decor. Despite being a little more expensive than conventional furniture, the planned kitchen is the best solution for those who want to modernize the space.

The kitchen was the living area in the house that changed the most over the years. Trends point to a functional, beautiful room that does not impair communication between the residents of the house. The proposal for integrated environments is one of the best finished examples to define the look of a modern kitchen.

You Planned Furniture are capable of transforming the kitchen, decorating in the right measure so as not to overload the space. A pattern of colors and design is maintained, in addition to the perfect fit with the appliances. Among the main manufacturers of planned kitchens, it is worth mentioning the name of Todeschini.

What this article covers:

Advantages of the planned kitchen

Planned kitchens are able to contribute to the organization of the environment, having several compartments and drawers to store utensils. The furniture also knows how to use the space properly, without causing a feeling of discomfort or tending towards imbalance.

Each project of planned kitchen furniture has its individuality, considering the preferences of the residents, budget and space available to decorate. The furniture items make a perfect combination with each other and are recommended for both houses and apartments.

The variety of custom furniture present in specialized stores promises to please all tastes. However, the pieces need to be intelligently positioned and fitted so as not to impair the movement of people within the room. The planned kitchen also has as one of its main advantages the use of vertical space, with its built-in modules.

Cabinets stand out as the main items of planned kitchen furniture. They guarantee the organization of the space and make the daily lives of residents easier. The pieces are adapted to built-in appliances, worktops and can even include a central island.

The time for planning and assembling custom-made furniture can take up to three months, but the results meet expectations. The structure undoubtedly allows for the kitchen of dreams.

Custom kitchen prices

Identifying the needs of consumers, the main manufacturers of customized furniture are selling products that meet classes A, B and C. There is also furniture capable of meeting the needs of small, medium and large kitchens.

The price of the planned kitchen varies from R$ 30,000 to R$ 80,000, and the structure includes the appliances and all the necessary installations.

For furniture, you can choose 2 great options for your home: MDP, which costs around 10% less than MDF. MDF is the champion of projects because it is a higher quality material and has more options.

  • custom-made MDP – BRL 7,000.00
  • modulated MDP – BRL 5,000.00

As for the counter part, sink you have different options with varying prices. The models are in stone or stainless steel, below you have the approximate values ​​of each:

  • Marble – Price ranges from R$ 450.00 to 1200.00 per m2,
  • Granite – Price ranges from R$ 400.00 to 1100.00 per m2,
  • limestone – Price ranges from R$ 500.00 to 700.00 m2 (not ideal for wet areas like a kitchen).
  • Silestone – Price ranges from R$ 1300 to 2500.00 per m2
  • DEKTON® – Price around BRL 2,500 per m2,
  • CORIAN® – Price between BRL 2,100 and BRL 2,500 m2,
  • quartz stone – Price ranges from R$ 950.00 to 1350.00 per m2
  • nanoglass – Price ranges from R$ 900.00 to 1,500.00 per m2,
  • marmoglass – Price ranges from BRL 700.00 to BRL 1,000.00 m2

Photos of custom kitchens

We separate the photos of the most beautiful and modern kitchens on the market. The selected models should be used as an idea for your home. Remember that it is important to hire an interior designer so that he can consult the measurements of your kitchen and thus indicate the best work to be done for the size of your planned kitchen:

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