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Planetary alignment of March 2023: how it affects your zodiac sign

The alignment of 5 planets occurs under the Moon, from the perspective of the Earth.

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A spectacular alignment of 5 planets is happening right now in the sky and it can be perfectly observed in the sunsets of the last days of March 2023. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and Marsin that order, they shine under the Moon and their point of best appreciation will be this March 28.

This phenomenon, rarely seen in the year, it will have a huge impact on each of us and the zodiac signs reveal which area of ​​our life will be affected.

You will receive a transcendental change in some previously agreed plans. According to the astrologer known as Professor Zellagro, things will not turn out as you hoped, but “dreams come true and what was impossible now becomes possible,” he noted in an article for univision.

It will be a time of renewal, transformation and eliminating the things that no longer serve in your routine. This alignment encourages you to joyfully enjoy the small pleasures of life and have fun with friends, your partner and family, the astrologer pointed out.

The alignment of 5 planets will fill you with confidence to act in a business or project that you had not dared to carry out. However, Professor Zellagro warned that someone could arrive in your love life that will turn out to be the opposite of what you had thought.

Your sign will be more romantic and nostalgic than usual. You will remember friends from the past and people you miss, you will be encouraged to call them because deep down you know that it is convenient to have them in your life right now. “You’re going to get back what you thought you lost,” she said.

It is the impulse you needed to get out of a relationship that did not suit you, on the other hand, you will take firm steps in an association that does suit you. The astrologer said that this will be sentimental or work.

Your sign will be able to discover something in a person, work relationship or place that was not safe, this means that it will recover the control it lost. From now on you will be able to define what is best for you, predicted the analyst of the stars.

You will have the opportunity to redo something that you had done wrong in your life because your diplomatic abilities will be exalted. Also, you will have to make some important decisions, the good thing is that your mind will have clarity.

The planetary alignment will make you reflect on small things that have caused you concern, but they should not. At this stage, balance will enter your life and you will receive a surprise that will fill you with happiness, Zellagro predicted.

The alignment of the 5 stars will clear your mind of any negative thought or idea that was gravitating in your mind. From now on you will have emotional stability, the astrologer commented.

This will be a great stage to plan what you expect in your present and future, said Zellagro, who recommended that you do a meditation session to align yourself in all aspects of your life.

Great ideas and initiatives will arrive that you can apply in your professional and work life. The astrologer predicted that at this stage you will discover what you need and have enough energy to fulfill it. Also, he predicted that you will receive excellent news.

The planetary alignment will be the beginning of a cosmic configuration that will be affecting the spiritual life of your sign. Now is the time to seek motivation or approach the higher being in whom you believe, so you can progress.

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