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Plan Of Houses With 3 Bedrooms

One 3 bedroom house plans must make the proper distribution of the space destined to each room, with the dimensions that it needs. A three-bedroom house has a wide residential profile, and can adopt one or two levels. When it comes to a townhouse, the rooms can be distributed in a more dispersed way, since the simple residential plan makes an approximate division of the areas.

video with several 3 bedroom house designs🇧🇷

What this article covers:

At 3 bedroom house construction prior planning is required. Due to the fact that 3-bedroom houses are spacious, the space must be considered mainly when the houses are going to be built without other floors. Houses without floors must be well distributed, otherwise one or the other room will become small, affecting the common internal area of ​​the house. Houses with floors are easier, they are usually made in a patterned way. The common area with living room, kitchen, dining room, living room and toilet are at the bottom, bedrooms are at the top. This formatting of the house is wide and very cozy and is somehow a standard adopted not only here in Brazil, but in many other countries.

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Planning needs a professional

In order for your house to be well done and not have planning and distribution failures, it is advisable to hire an architect for the planning. The architect will collect his ideas through a kind of interview, he will need information such as: Desires, plans for the family and for receiving visits, size of the area, among other information necessary for the project.

Execution is also very important, it is necessary to have someone who understands architectural projects and knows how to execute the project in the best possible way. Construction companies are companies specialized in small, medium or large works. The builders make their specialized employees available, so the work becomes more reliable with the experience of the employees and also faster. Depending on the amount you have available to build your 3-bedroom house, you can ask the construction company to provide more employees to speed up the construction time.

Plan Of Houses With 3 Bedrooms (Illustrative Photo)

Plan of Houses with 3 Bedrooms: online templates

If you don’t have enough money to hire the services of an architect and builder, you can find home plans for free on the internet. Duplex or simple, choosing the style of your home is something that must be thought out very carefully. Check it out below 3 bedroom house floor plans🇧🇷

Models vary according to land size

Anyone who intends to make a plan to organize the new home should know that the professional in the area will do the planning according to the space available for construction, following safety standards and considering important points of the house, such as ventilation, sun and green area.

Those who intend to live in a building can only choose a floor plan before buying an apartment. Who is going to buy a house, can even consult the official plan, which is always in the city hall, to make any changes. It is worth remembering that this ‘drawing’ is a document and anyone who makes changes to a plan already made, in a house built, must carry out all bureaucratic procedures with the responsible bodies of the city where the residence is located, incurring extra costs of documentation.

Freedom of construction and planning exists for people who have just bought land and want to build a beautiful home there. Everything must be well thought out and planned with professionals, because when the work is already completed, little can be changed. Both for security and for documentation.

With undeveloped land it is possible to create a floor plan making the most of the spaces (Illustrative Photo)

It is worth remembering that the larger the land and if it is a land without construction, the more the architect can work based on his tastes, on what he wants to change and create. Always look for reliable and indicated professionals, as well as the material and the construction team, this architect must be committed to the project and its safety.

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An important tip is that architects are registered with the federal agency that oversees their work. It is always interesting to have the registration of the chosen professional at hand, so you can access and even ask for information and directions from the agency itself.

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Also remember that throughout the construction process it is necessary to invest in safety equipment for everyone involved in the work, you must also know and provide all the information that the construction agency of the city, where the house is located, asks for. An example of this is that sign with the person responsible for the work. An important piece of information is that it is necessary to be careful in the work so as not to accumulate water, for example, which becomes a breeding ground for the dengue mosquito. And also don’t let it get in the way of roads or sidewalks because of the construction material. These details are silly, but they make a difference and can interfere positively, or not, in your life and in the lives of people who circulate or live in the construction area.

In these situations, it is necessary to have a close eye and be concerned about everything that involves the project and not just necessarily the design itself.

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enjoy every space

When planning the house, take into account the total construction size of the land and how you want to divide it. When thinking about the room, know how to organize it in a way that takes advantage of each space, without wasting it. This is critical to using the space in a useful way.

Invest in modern plants

Technology has helped more and more those who want to make a more complete plan, inserting details that allow a broader view of everything, of what the terrain is like and how it will look after construction. This virtual reality solves the anxiety problem of many people who hire the service and don’t have the patience to wait for it to be ready, thus giving a preview of the finished project, ready.

Projects with 3D plans can be more expensive

Most architects already work with plans in the third dimension, which is good, as more and more people are looking for these services every day. For those who don’t know, sometimes it’s not even the architect himself who assembles the plan in the plan program, but a third party, a specialist in the software. Precisely for this reason, many architects and engineers pass on a slightly higher price to the consumer, as in addition to the program fees there is also a specific employee working in the IT area.

Regarding the cost, the consumer can even do a good research to save on the total expense, but it is necessary to bear in mind that it is not a futile cost and, on the contrary, it is a good investment for a result that is closer and closer to what you had already thought or planned.

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