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Pix will allow withdrawals of up to R$ 500 starting today (29/11)

The modalities of Pix withdrawal and Pix change will come into effect as of today (29/11), in establishments that decide to use them to make life easier for customers, in addition to receiving extra amounts for each purchase made on the spot, whether in supermarkets, shops and bakeries.

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How do the new PIX modalities work?

Both new Pix modalities help the population to obtain physical money, without the need to simply stop by an ATM inside or outside bank branches to carry out the withdrawal, since there will be the possibility of doing so through bakeries, supermarkets and other stores that have adhered to the Pix modalities.

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Pix loot and Pix change: how to use it

With the Pix loot, it will be possible to carry out transfers within the establishment that started to work with this mechanism and the customer will be able to withdraw according to the desired amount. This entire procedure will be carried out through QR Code or from the merchant’s application, to then deliver the physical money.

pix change

Pix change is similar to Pix withdrawal, but with a difference that can be made together with payment inside a store, in this case, such transfer will include the value of a product or service together with the withdrawal.

Maximum limit for Pix Saque and Pix Exchange transactions

For greater security among users, all transactions via Pix Loot and Exchange will have a limit of R$ 500 during the day and R$ 100 during the night, which occurs between 8 pm and 6 am. Merchants will be able to choose higher or lower limits as they wish.

These Pix modalities will be completely free for individuals and individual micro-entrepreneurs will have eight transactions per month. If they exceed this amount, they will have to pay for an extra operation that will be defined by the financial institution used by the customer.

All merchants who use Pix Saque e Troca will benefit from fees ranging from R$ 0.25 to R$ 0.95 for each transaction carried out on the spot.

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